Bleszinski on Gears of War: ‘We can do better’

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Epic Games and Microsoft Studio’s Gears of War 3 launched last month to universal critical acclaim and staggering commercial success. It’s a videogame that’s pushed boundaries for the developer, publisher and the industry as a whole, showing that blockbuster productions can become the smash hits that so many titles fail to achieve, as long as the community rallies behind them. Breaking new ground in terms of scale, audience and revenue was never going to be enough however, as Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski attests: “we can always do better.”

Speaking to Develop Online recently, Bleszinksi covered many topics, from his past successes to the effect of being a videogame design celebrity, but perhaps the most important aspect to the interview was his vision of the future for the Gears of War franchise. When talking about Gears of War 3, Bleszinski stated that he wouldn’t be satisfied to leave the series there.

“We can do better. We can always do better. The number of gamers playing the game online – I’m hoping Gears of War 3 has more than [Gears of War] or [Gears of War 2] ever did, especially considering how competitive the market is.

“You look at the numbers that Call of Duty and Halo pulls and we’re not at that point yet. I’m hoping Gears of War 3 brings us closer to that point. People forgot also that we’re only the third game of the series.”

Continuing with the discussion of the future for Gears of War, Bleszinski refused to confirm where the series would go next, but openly stated that we will see more videogame releases from the franchise in the future: “There’s been a couple more Halo’s and a few more Call of Duty’s so who knows, maybe we’ll be able to build upon that success.”

Bleszinski also suggested that plans have already been made for some of the differences that will be applied to future titles in the series, stating that: “There’s tons of things I would change about [Gears of War], tons of things I’d change about [Gears of War 2], and even [Gears of War 3]. I’d tweak things in it.”

Nothing has been confirmed regarding a fourth Gears of War title, though a rumour has long been circulating concerning the trademarked Gears of War: Exile title and logo. More details on the future of Gears of War shouldn’t be expected any time soon however, as Epic Games and Microsoft Studios will surely be keen to give Gears of War 3 it’s deserved time in the spotlight. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Gears of War franchise, and other titles from Epic Games.


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