Soul Calibur V Leixia Factsheet Revealed

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Namco Bandai Games recently confirmed three further characters set to appear in the forthcoming Soul Calibur V, the first of which is the newcomer Leixia. Offering greater detail on this latest addition, Electronic Theatre has received a factsheet concerning Leixia’s origins.

Below follows the full factsheet for Leixia, including details of her combat style and her origins. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Soul Calibur V, and other forthcoming videogame titles from Namco Bandai Games.






Name   Yan Leixia

Sex   Female

Age   15

Birthplace  Luoyang, Ming Empire

Height   4’10″ (149 cm)

Weight    90 lbs. (41 kg)

Birth Date    July 7th

Blood Type    B

Weapon     Chinese Sword

Weapon Name      Ten Feet of Blue

Discipline     Sword style taught by her mother (secret arts of the Ling-Sheng Su Style Sword)




Her father is General Yan Wujin of the Ming Empire. Her mother is Chai Xianghua and she has a younger brother named Leixin.


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