Tekken: Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue Launches at £469.99

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Electronic Theatre ImageAs original reported by Electronic Theatre last year, the Tekken: Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue is now available to purchase in the UK. Tekken is the critically acclaimed beat-‘em-up videogame franchise created and developed by Namco Bandai, and Yoshimitsu is one of it’s more eccentric characters.

Beginning with the original Tekken arcade game released in 1994, the series has received several sequels, as well as various home conversions and spin-off titles released for consoles. The story in each game in the mainElectronic Theatre Image series documents the events of the fictional martial arts tournament, The King of Iron Fist Tournament, which is hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation. The prize is typically control of the company, which then allows the winner to host the following tournament.

A joint collaboration with Bandai Namco and Japanese master sculptor Takayuki Takeya, the Tekken: Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue was specially designed for fans of Tekken 6. Yoshimitsu stands victorious on a giant mechanoid-head display base, depicted with stunning attention to detail. The Tekken: Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue is available in the UK now with a recommended retail price of £469.99 GBP, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Tekken franchise.





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