Dragon Age: Flemeth Statue Now Available

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A must-have merchandise release for any serious Dragon Age fan, the Dragon Age: Flemeth Statue is finally available in the UK. Following its North American launch back in April, Dragon Age fans throughout the UK – and certain other European territories – can now secure their own tribute to Dragon Age’s famous Flemeth Dragon.

Flemeth, the shapeshifter known as the “Witch of the Wilds”, is widely recognised as an immortal and extremely powerful being. She is the central character of a homonym legend, which describes her as “terrible in herElectronic Theatre Image temper and wild in her beauty”. She is also known for being mother to many daughters, all of whom are witches as she herself is.

The Dragon Age: Flemeth Statue stands 4.5″ tall and measures 12″ from wing tip to wing tip. Available now with a recommended retail price (RRP) of £39.99 GBP, the Dragon Age: Flemeth Statue has been created by sculptor Joe Menna. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Dragon Age videogame franchise, and any further associated merchandise.


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