Final Fantasy Mini Kai Figures Coming to Europe

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Electronic Theatre ImageSquare Enix Ltd. has revealed that the popular Final Fantasy Mini Kai Figures are set to get an official European launch later this year, beginning right back at the start with Wave 1. These Final Fantasy Mini Kai Figures will be available at retailers throughout the UK in unique blister pack presentations, meaning players will be able to choose their favourite as opposed to receiving a random figure.

The Final Fantasy Mini Kai Figures Wave 1 features three of the most popular characters from the Final Fantasy universe, Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud, Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall and Final Fantasy X’s Yuna. All three figures included in the first wave will be available simultaneously this summer, and  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the official release of the Final Fantasy Mini Kai Figures.

Electronic Theatre ImageElectronic Theatre ImageElectronic Theatre Image


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