FuturLab on Digital Distribution: ‘PlayStation Network is superior’

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Electronic Theatre ImageAhead of the forthcoming launch of the PlayStation Minis title, Velocity, James Marsden, Managing Director of FuturLab, took some time to answer some questions put to him by your very own Electronic Theatre. While there was much discussion of the Velocity videogame itself, Marsden was also keen to offer an opinion on the various distribution channels available to an independent developer, singing the praises of the PlayStation Network.

“The PlayStation Store is a nice place to be.” States Marsden when questioned about the choice to deliver content on the PlayStation Minis channel. “We have an account manager who looks after our needs, and a coreElectronic Theatre Image target market of PlayStation gamers, whom we understand, and who we can directly build our game for.”

This opinion came from a suggested comparison to that of other digital opportunities, such as those on mobile formats and the Xbox 360’s equivalent service, the Indie Games channel.

“Well, firstly mobile games can’t support the input intensity needed for the kind of immersive twitch games we love to play. Velocity just wouldn’t work as well as it does without the ergonomic physical controls that are sorely missing on a mobile device.

“Regarding the Indie Games channel on Xbox 360, the visibility isn’t great. In fact, a couple of weeks ago we sat down to play a game made by Velocity’s programmer for that Electronic Theatre Imagechannel, and we couldn’t find it using the navigation system at all. We had to use a direct search for the game’s title before we found it.”

Of course, having already found success as a developer of PlayStation Minis titles, the experience Marsden talks about delivers nothing but acclaim: “PlayStation Network is superior in this respect. It’s the best place for us to be right now, as we’re finding our feet and building a fan base that enjoys our efforts.”

FuturLab are currently gearing-up for the launch of Velocity, a retro-inspired shoot-‘em-up videogame with a few ideas all of its own. You can read a hands-on preview of Velocity right here, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest from FuturLab.


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