Arc System Works Launch ‘Thank You’ Project

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Electronic Theatre ImageTo say ‘thank you’ to Arc System Works in Japan for creating the exceptional 2D fighting series BlazBlue, Arc System Works Europe has today announced the Arc System Works Thank You Project. This new initiative promises to offer fans a unique chance to give something back to the BlazBlue team in Japan.

Running for three weeks as of today, 24th April 2012, Arc System Works Europe will be accepting submissions of BlazBlue artwork and cosplay photography from BlazBlue fans via the Thank You Project submission page, The best submissions will be selected by the Arc System Works Europe teamElectronic Theatre Image and published in a limited edition book to be sent to Toshimichi Mori and the rest of the BlazBlue team at Arc System Works in Japan.

The creators of each of the submissions that are selected will also receive their very own copy of the Thank You Arc book as well as the honour of having their own work sent to Mori and Arc System Works. For those less artistically skilled, fans can also submit their own personal messages through the same page which if selected will be printed in the limited edition book.

Submissions are now open for the Arc System Works Thank You Project on the Arc System Works Europe website, and a full set of rules is available to view or download at: Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Thank You Project from Arc System Works Europe, and the BlazBlue videogame series.


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