UK National Pokémon Trading Card Game Championships Winners Revealed

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Electronic Theatre ImageThis weekend the 2012 UK National Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) Championships took place at The Pavilion, Wicksteed Park in Kettering, culminating in the crowning of six UK National Champions and the formation of an elite group of finalists ready to battle against the world’s best this August at the 2012 Pokémon World Championships in Hawaii. After many intense battles Zoe Kennington, age 10, from London, Ryan Moorhouse, age 13, from Huddersfield and Alex Northey, age 16, from Exeter triumphed over their competitors in the three age classes: Juniors, Seniors and Masters respectively.

These highly skilled players will now take up their places in the most prestigious Pokémon event of the year: The Pokémon World Championships. Competitors from the UK will join players from countries all over the world Electronic Theatre Imageincluding the US and Japan and will battle it out over three days to determine the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Champions.

The UK National Pokémon Trading Card Game Championship is the premiere event in the UK Play! Pokémon series calendar, a series which started in September. Lots of players queued in front of The Pavilion from early in the morning anxious for the first rounds to begin. Once again this year, all players and finalists proved their skills and determination as Pokémon Trainers and competed tirelessly for the UK Pokémon Champion title until late in the evening. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the UK National Pokémon Trading Card Game Championship, and the Pokémon videogame franchise.


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