Your New Favorite RPG: Does Borderlands 2 Live Up The Hype?

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe infectious platform and beautifully unique graphics blend art and technology into something that’s truly addicting. Expect a refined and upgraded game platform that imbues player with the thrill of the hunt and acquisition into treasure. The game is addicting and pleasingly. As far as game reviews go, it receives an awesome AAA+++.

Some Improvements to Borderlands 2

Narrative: One of the problems with role-playing games (RPG’s) in general is the narrative. Most are corny and shallow which makes dialogue tedious. Finally, someone pays attention to the narrative in RPG’s and the Electronic Theatre Imagedesigners behind Borderlands 2 have created a comprehensive and deeply attentive narrative that matches the intensity of game play.

Side Missions

Endless opportunities to build quests and enjoy game playing. There is an almost endless amount of missions that tie the entire game together. The fun of finding the new weapon or component is amplified throughout this game. And with the absolutely beautiful graphics and the narrative, it’s no wonder that the team at Gearbox Software dedicated such patience and diligence to creating what can only be described as the best sequel gaming has experienced to date.

The Platform and Playtime: AWESOME!

There is no doubt that Borderlands 2 has ascended above the original. This is a true RPG that brings the familiar feeling that you’ve been here but all the excitement and discovery of being some place new. This isn’t just an upgrade of the original, this is a new game with a taint of the original. Gearbox Software should feel extremely proud of stepping outside of the box and delivering a product that’s a stand alone in a field of competition that cannot touch it. There is a lesson here that other software companies should pay close attention too. That lesson is that time well spent is worth the wait when the product that’s produced is nothing short of the new bar.

A space western first-person style shooter game with treasure hunting bound into an RPG that provides manageable team building. With the goal of finding and building weapon upgrades, the desire to explore becomes a necessity and that’s where the addiction to playing this remarkable game comes into the picture. To find the necessary components, you must search every square inch of this world and leave no crate unturned. The joy in all of this is the Electronic Theatre Imagebeautifully designed graphics and art which are so finely detailed that the environment is thrilling to explore. The same detail has been extended to characters, enemies and buildings throughout the game. The attention to detail has produced such vivid graphics that Borderlands 2 is clearly the new benchmark in RPG graphics.

The game is like walking through or rather fighting your way through the best graphic novel you have ever read. Except in this case you’re living it and not just reading it. The options list is extensive, and character development is scientific in nature. This is awesome because the game isn’t played the same way twice. For people who are serious RPG enthusiasts Borderlands 2 is a big BANG!


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