Bacardi Launch Bizarre Videogame Inspired Advert

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Electronic Theatre ImageThat videogames are increasingly becoming part of mainstream culture is of no surprise to those involved in the industry, but for those on the outside looking in it can still be quite confusing as to how things have changed from stickmen and pixelated alien invaders to the epic space operas and realistic simulations of the modern era. The latest company to catch on to this progression is Bacardi, jumping on the bandwagon with an interesting take on the history of gaming.

The new advertisement from Bacardi, featured below, makes reference to the classic Donkey Kong in an oddly positioned take on the pop culture antics of our Italian plumber hero. The tagline associated with the new advertisement is as follows: “What was the first videogame? Pong? Pacman? Well, the videogames began there to the decade of the 60s… the 1860s. Legend has it that started in a party, a party of Bacardi. When Mario was young Electronic Theatre Imageand “good looking” and the plumbing was not even in his mind. Is the song in the bar? It’s called Video Games (what ahead of their time, no?) By Felix Erskine and Tom Chichester-Clark.”

Odd, sure, but thoroughly entertaining nonetheless. The advertisement follows below and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with future interesting videogame references in mainstream culture.


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