Gambling Influences in Videogames

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Electronic Theatre ImageVideogames have always been a great success in the entertainment sector, and current signs show that this is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Many videogames now embrace even more of a social/entertainment scene and aren’t simply based on a single tier or genre.

Take for example Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, this particular videogame features a multitude of different gaming concepts, all of which vary in complexity. Here you can race around the city of San Andreas in your favourite Electronic Theatre Imagesports car, go bowling with your companions at the local bowling alley, or even play poker or partake in a range of casino games in Las Venturas; San Andreas is the equivalent of the world famous Las Vegas strip.

One of the key features of the San Andreas videogame is the ability to take part in more than one specific activity. During your visit to the casino in Las Venturas, not only can you take part in the traditional Grand Theft Auto style commotion you can also play any of the below casino games;


  • Blackjack
  • Slot machines
  • Roulette
  • Horse Races
  • Poker


If you’re short of cash, Las Venturas may not be the best place to visit, but you never know what your luck may bring. A further great feature of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, is the ability to track and continuously monitor in-game progress. This is evident during your visit to Las Venturas casino in San Andreas. You are provided with a gamblers skill level whichElectronic Theatre Image keeps track of the money and progress made during your visit in the local casino. The greater the amount of money you bet during your visit, the greater the amount of money you are set to win, resulting in an increased gamblers skill level.

Videogames have been shown to influence the way we live our lives and for some, playing a few hands of poker on your PlayStation 3 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may be enough of an influence to hit the casino and play for real. If you’re looking to further develop your skills in the casino before you hit the Las Vegas strip, then a great place to start would be at Spin Palace Casino. The games available to play include all the ones mentioned above as well as many great videogames including Tomb Raider and Lord of The Rings just to name a few. If you’ve sampled the streets of San Andreas and want to hit the jackpot for real, the videogames available to play online are likely to be a sure hit for you.


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