Kylie Sing & Dance – Tubby Games on Capturing the Minogue Magic

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Electronic Theatre ImageKoch Media and development studio Tubby Games have recently graced the final days of Nintendo Wii console with a brand new exclusive title. Celebrating twenty five years at the top for pop princess Kylie Minogue, the pair teamed-up to produce the first ever official videogame of the Australian musical sensation. Taking some time out to answer a few questions, the team behind the videogame discuss just what it was like to work on the videogame adaptation of such a legendary career.

Now available for the Wii console (and also compatible with the recently released Wii U system), Kylie Sing & Dance is set to become one of the most popular music titles of the 2012 party season as families throughout the UK relive more than two decades of hits. The pressure on a development team to honour such a stature should never be disregarded, but Tubby Games are confident they’ve managed to make their representation of Kylie Minogue the quality product it should be. Below followsElectronic Theatre Image a Q&A with Tubby Games’ James Godefroy, Dan Toomes, Katie Halliwell, Ben Johnson and Sam Cush, provided by Koch Media, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Kylie Sing & Dance.




2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Kylie Minogue’s singing debut.  Were you surprised that the pop princess hasn’t had her own game before now?

Kylie is a truly international superstar and we’ve all wanted to do a Kylie game for some time! It is a great pleasure to create the first fully licensed official game for all the fans and also for party / music lovers. Everybody can enjoy Kylie!


How big is the team working on the game? Having worked on multiple singing and dancing titles now, you must have all picked up some pretty impressive moves?

We have a small dynamic team who are all talented and specialist in a number of key areas. We all work together to get the most out of each other’s skills. We all get to have a go at testing – so everybody that works here becomes a nifty dancer in no time! The award for ‘Sexiest Dancer in a Bikini’ definitely goes to Dan Toomes, who has really upped his game this year. Although Tracy likes to think that he’s the dancing champion, he just doesn’t pull off the bikini quite as well. (Sorry Tracy)


With such a large catalogue of fantastic songs, was it difficult picking out 26 to feature in the game? Can you talk about the process of selecting them?

This was one of the hardest parts of putting the game together! We started by getting everybody in the team to list their 20 favourite Kylie songs. Once we had collated the lists there were some solid favourites. It was then a case of putting our shortlists to focus groups to get our final list. We are very happy with the track list we finished with, featuring the perfect mix of classic Kylie and new newer global smash hits. Right from Locomotion, to Better the Devil you know, Can’t get you out of my head, Love at First Sight, Red Blooded Woman, Get Outta my Way, to Timebomb and Flower. There was simply too many to just do 20, so we did 25… then just had to add in ‘Flower’ as soon as we heard it to bring the total to 26!


Was the choreography solely inspired by Kylie’s moves or does it also feature new routines?

Bazz Robson is a fantastic choreographer and took inspiration from a range of sources. As a massive Kylie fan, he takes inspiration from the song content, lyrics, the way the music sounds to come up with original routines and mixes these with iconic Kylie moves and dances from her live performances and music videos. You can read a full interview with him on our blog at


Did you get to work with any of Kylie’s dancers?


We worked with a number of highly talented dancers during the production of the game, right through from dance routine concepts to final dances. The dance routines in the game feature Lydia Stratham and Claire Meehan, who are both absolutely fantastic. Claire is one of Kylie’s backing dancers, and is just incredible to Electronic Theatre Imagewatch dance. She was a great pleasure to work with.


What kind of reference material did you use? Did you study her live shows in addition to music videos?



Were the dance moves motion-captured or animated on computer?

We captured the dances in our studio, working closely with our graphics team who then created exciting stages and added fantastic effects and visulisations to the dances.


Do you have to be a professional singer or dancer to enjoy the game, or can any skill level in the family join in?

The game has a range of difficulties and as such appeals to everybody, from the casual party gamer who wants to loosen up and bust some moves right through to the professional dancer who wants to learn new routines. The game really does have something for everybody!


Have you had a chance to listen to Kylie’s new album ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’? If so, what did you think about her new arrangements of classic songs?

We bought a copy of the Abbey Road Sessions and absolutely loved every second of it – especially Flower! The song was so good we decided to include it in the game as a Sing track even though it was released when the game had finished development!


Finally, can the team share any tips on how to sing and dance like a pop legend?

Go for it, loosen up, let your hair down. Don’t just follow the moves that pick up points on the remote but try to learn the routines as they appear on screen for the maximum enjoyment and dancing experience. When singing, imagine you really are on stage and enjoy those moments of feeling like a pop superstar time and time again!


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