GAME Pad: A Gaming Palace Designed for All

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Electronic Theatre ImageVideogame specialist retailer GAME is bringing a brand new experience to the UK gaming audience this winter, with the launch of the GAME Pad. A new venue designed for maximum videogame entertainment with minimal fuss, the GAME Pad plays host to all of the latest titles along with a kitchen full of food and drink for one package price, and a reasonable price at that as Electronic Theatre discovered on a recent visit to the apartment.

Located at the Staybridge Suites in London Stratford City, the one-of-a-kind venue is designed to be an indulgence; a treat to be given to a loved one or a group of pals coming together for a night away from it all. But this suggests that the private hire of the small apartment would be expensive, when nothing could be further from the truth. A single night of privateElectronic Theatre Image hire for the GAME Pad is priced at £199 all-in, a price tag much lower than many similar hotel accommodation offers in London without the many gaming and luxury offers that GAME’s newest project provides.

As part of the package the GAME Pad also comes with a fully stocked fridge, including four pizzas, two big bags of crisps a pack of cookies, Malteasers, jellybeans and, of course, popcorn. All that munching will surely make you thirsty, and so an eight pack of soft drinks is providing alongside sparkling and still water, and an assortment of alcoholic beverages. This will surely make for a more than suitable gaming feast on the night, and in the morning there’s a slap-up breakfast on offer too. Whether or not you actually choose to sleep in between is another matter though.

To keep you comfortable through all of your gaming and munching the apartment is equipped with a couch and several beanbag chairs, perfect for moving between the two rooms dependant on which console you happen to be playing, as of course each machine has its own 40-inch television. Perfect for all night sessions, the GAME Pad is complimented by a selection of kitsch housewares and mood lighting. But for those who can’t stand a full night of hardcore gaming action there’s a king size bed with its own television and en suite shower room.

But of course none of this would matter without any videogames to play. As the central conceit of the GAME Pad, it would be remiss for the venue not to play host to all of the latest gaming platforms, and more so not to offer high-speed broadband access and a stock of the latest and biggest videogames. All of this and more are present-and-correct, with a full quota ofElectronic Theatre Image control pads and software designed for four players. During Electronic Theatre’s visit to the press preview of the GAME Pad the biggest titles of the 2012 winter season were all playable: Far Cry 3, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Forza Horizon, ZombiU, Halo 4, New Super Mario Bros. U and Call of Duty: Black Ops II were all available, with dozens more sitting at the bottom of the pile. According to the representatives present, each format has ten titles available and any special requests for new releases will be welcomed.

With dates currently available to book throughout January, GAME Pad is a limited product and the venue not guaranteed beyond the 31st. Of course, as the first of its kind, GAME Pad is a trial run and should things go well it’s highly likely we’ll see more dates and perhaps even more venues. Given the time of year and the value of the package on offer, Electronic Theatre can only see good things ahead for this new project.


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