The Rise and Rise and Rise of Nintendo

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The Wii U recently launched worldwide, making a statement for Nintendo as being the company that sets the trends in videogames once again. The Japanese gaming giant has never been one to follow instead choosing to lead the pack, even when it’s not lead them down the brightest paths. However, throughout the past three decades Nintendo has made some of the most influential videogame systems and software, as can be seen in a new infographic.

Created by our friends over at, this new infographic details some of Nintendo’s greatest achievements since entering the home console business back in the 1980s, and subsequently dominating the handheld console market too. Innovation atop innovation, Nintendo brought the videogames industry back from the brink of extinction once, and with the launch of the Wii back in 2006 redefined it for a new generation. With the successful launch of the Wii U under their belts, eyes are now firmly on Nintendo to see where they will go next, and you can be sure that Electronic Theatre will be there to keep you updated with all the latest.


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