Portal Themed Jacket Now Available

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe latest in Valve’s range of officially licensed clothing items based on the Portal franchise, a new jacket is now available to purchase. Featuring a design based on the test subject jumpsuit, the Portal themed jacket will surely be a highly demanded accessory, especially considering its reasonable price tag.

With the Aperture Science Test Subject Track Jacket, you can imagine all sorts of life-threatening, potato-related adventures to replace your currently portal-less existence. Important note: While lending the wearer an undeniable improvementElectronic Theatre Image in both style and overall looks, this jacket is not designed to deflect, reduce, minimise, mitigate, or otherwise protect the wearer from the effects of any hazards found within the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

Available to purchase from today, the Portal themed jacket is priced at just £49.99 GBP – considerably cheaper than the recently released full body costume. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest merchandise based on the Portal franchise.




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