Cherry Pop Games Talk PlayStation 4, Balls & Curry

With two successful editions of Pool Nation already under their belt British indie studio Cherry Pop Games isn’t about to let you forget who they are. Already queuing up their franchise for a PlayStation 4 release the small Manchester based team has their eyes firmly […]
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Electronic Theatre ImageWith two successful editions of Pool Nation already under their belt British indie studio Cherry Pop Games isn’t about to let you forget who they are. Already queuing up their franchise for a PlayStation 4 release the small Manchester based team has their eyes firmly looked on world domination. Or at least a spicy meal and alcoholic beverage after a hard day playing with balls.

Following the announcement of Pool Nation FX for PlayStation 4 the Cherry Pop Games team took some time to answer some questions for Electronic Theatre, discussing the future of their franchise and their position in the wider Electronic Theatre Imagevideogames industry spectrum. It’s easy to see that there’s a dedicated team at Cherry Pop Games who make videogames simply for the love of doing so, and that their recent success has come as a bonus rather than an expectation. Pool Nation FX is due for release on PlayStation 4 this November, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest from Cherry Pop Games.


Electronic Theatre: What made you decide to bring Pool Nation to the PlayStation 4?

Cherry Pop Games: Historically Pool games perform exceptionally well in the early days of a new console – just look at Bankshot billiards on XBLA!

We believe that this genre is a perfect fit for next-gen. Seriously! Pool Nation FX is not just a pool game its going to be the community’s pool game.

Pool Nation came out to rave reviews, which was great to hear because we really did put our all into it. As this is the first console launch for Sony in seven years we just knew we had to be a part of it, and so far it’s going great.

Electronic Theatre: How has the development process been thus far?

Cherry Pop Games: Well, there’s a question… we’re small, there is 10 of us working on this release in one form or another, so its certainly all hands on deck in our office at the moment, but we are enjoying working with the new hardwareElectronic Theatre Image and it’s a great opportunity for indies. I can definitely say that curry day can’t come quick enough this month! *laughs*

Electronic Theatre: Curry Day?

Cherry Pop Games: Once a month we finish early, eat curry and drink beer!

Electronic Theatre: Is there anything unique you noticed when working with the PlayStation 4 hardware?

Cherry Pop Games: It’s a great bit of kit and we love the new controller – it feels really nice and it offers so many options for innovative new ways to control gameplay.

Electronic Theatre:  Are we likely to see an Xbox One release at any point? What about Wii U?

Cherry Pop Games: We would love to release on Xbox One, but we’ll have to see if they relax any of their current policies (fingers and toes crossed).

Electronic Theatre: What makes Pool Nation FX different to previous Pool Nation releases?

Cherry Pop Games: The all new “Box of Tricks” is designed to engage the creativity of the PS4 gaming community. Our Box of tricks will have a trickshot challenge mode for both the novice and right through to the Pool Ninja. The Box of tricks editor will include 100′s of different objects which can be manipulate to create some truly crazy and challenging trickshots to Electronic Theatre Imageshare with your friends on PS4. New locations, new modes, varying AI difficulty levels; its just going to be better! We hope we have listened to those who loved the game and answered what they would like to see. We wanted to take the fun of Pool and bring it to a console, Pool to me is about fun with your friends and Pool Nation really embraces that in the PS4 release, Pool Nation FX, is definitely taking billiards to another level!

Electronic Theatre: How do you intend to make use of the sharing capabilities of the PlayStation 4? It almost seems as if the Box of Tricks mode was made for it.

Cherry Pop Games: Pool is made for sharing, and yes it definitely fits in nicely with our box of tricks, especially the new challenge mode. This isn’t a game just for Pool enthusiasts it’s a pick up and play game for gamers of all levels, and the ease of sharing in the PS4 really cements that, it’s a game that was made for sharing bringing fun to a variety of individuals. It’s a social game, and that is a big focus for PS4.

Electronic Theatre: Will there be any additional modes or features added to the videogame Pool Nation FX aside from the Box of Tricks mode?

Cherry Pop Games: Yes there will be, Pool Nation FX is much more than just a re-vamp. I skirted around the question Electronic Theatre Imagea little bit there didn’t I? *laughs*

No seriously there are tons of new features and we have made involving the gamer the central focus but I can’t give away more at the moment

Electronic Theatre: When will Pool Nation FX be available for PlayStation 4?

Cherry Pop Games: During the launch window! We are working very hard right now, very exciting times ahead for Cherry Pop!

Electronic Theatre: Will you support Pool Nation FX post-launch with additional content?

Cherry Pop Games: Oh yes! Definitely, we plan on bringing a whole host of extras to the party! We’ve got big things planned, all will be revealed soon enough…


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