Halo Forerunner: Book 1: Cryptum Paperback Now Available

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            The Halo Forerunner: Book 1: Cryptum novel is available from today as a paperback, republished in the UK and available for a significantly reduced price. The first part of a new trilogy based in the Halo videogame universe, Halo Forerunner: Book 1: Cryptum tells the tale of the complete disappearance of the Forerunners from existence.

            100,000 years ago, the galaxy was populated by a great variety of beings. But one species – eons beyond all others in both technology and knowledge – achieved dominance. They Electronic Theatre Imageruled in peace but met opposition with quick and brutal effectiveness. They were the Forerunners – the keepers of the Mantle, the next stage of life in the Universe’s Living Time. And then they disappeared.

Greg Bear, the author of Halo Forerunner: Book 1: Cryptum, has penned more than thirty books of science fiction and fantasy. Awarded two Hugos and five Nebulas for his fiction, one of two authors to win a Nebula in every category, Bear has been called the ‘Best working writer of hard science fiction’ by ‘The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction’.

The Halo Forerunner: Book 1: Cryptum novel is available in a paperback edition from today, with a recommended retail price (RRP) of £7.99 GBP. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest novel releases based upon the Halo videogame franchise.


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