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            Welcome to Electronic Theatre!


Electronic Theatre is a growing online entertainment media organisation dedicated to the UK videogaming audience. Established in 2003, Electronic Theatre has built a strong reputation for delivering relevant up-to-the-minute videogaming news for UK gamers, and in 2009 delivered a brand new site to an eagerly awaiting audience.


Details of our team can be found below.



Kev J.

Editor (2003-Present)


Kev J. is a persistent name in videogaming, having established a well known high street retail chain before developing Electronic Theatre’s online presence. With numerous accreditations in the field of videogames to his name, Kev J. is ideally suited to organising and delivering our team of enthusiastic journalists.


Little-Known Fact: Kev J. once applied for the opportunity to have an extra thumb grafted on to each hand, so that he would be able to play Goldeneye 007 against himself, as no-one else would dare challenge him.




Assistant Editor (2007-Present)


ManPac has worked as a staff writer at Electronic Theatre before accepting the offer to become the Assistant Editor upon the launch of the new Electronic Theatre website. Delivering the latest and greatest news from the videogames industry in an interesting and honest fashion, ManPac has become a recognisable force on Electronic Theatre.


Little-Known Fact: ManPac has an obsession with Pac-Man based merchandise – working or otherwise. His favourite piece would be a Pac-Man watch from the 1980’s. No wonder he’s always late.




Community Manager (2008-Present)


l.m.h has had an illustrious career developing and maintaining communities around numerous projects before joining the Electronic Theatre team. Unashamed of demonstrating her skills with Rock Band and dominating the office Wii, l.m.h has become an integral part of all Electronic Theatre community events.


Little-Known Fact: l.m.h has completed Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty without dieing once. It’s a shame about the thousands of Spartan’s ending their own lives so she could spend five minutes lining-up that sniper shot, though.




Staff Writer (2009-Present)


James is the new boy on the Electronic Theatre team. Having developed much of the formatting for the new Electronic Theatre, James has since become a well-known figure in the Electronic Theatre team for delivering insightful interpretations of pre-release screenshots and video.


Little-Known Fact: James is a giant. A very small giant, which is why not many people know it.




Contributor (2008-Present)


Tom has delivered insightful analysis on many titles at Electronic Theatre. Specialising in PC gaming, Tom knows his Gigabit from his Gigabyte, and isn’t afraid to let you know about it.


Little-Known Fact: Tom doesn’t sleep in a conventional bed: the Electronic Theatre team bought him a medieval Rack for Christmas. Hopefully, he’ll be four-foot tall by this Christmas.




Special Thanks: Oli, LWF, Media Mathematics and the Slessors.

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