Aliens: Colonial Marines to Make Playable Debut at MCM London Comic Con

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Electronic Theatre ImageVisitors to this month’s MCM London Comic Con will enjoy an exclusive UK first playable of the Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer, the highly-anticipated first-person shooter from SEGA and Gearbox. Aliens: Colonial Marines is just one of the many highly anticipated videogame titles set to appear at the show.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will pit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers against the universe’s ultimate alien killing machines, the Xenomorphs, in claustrophobic environments guaranteed to produce the blood-curdling thrills that the movie is renowned for. The videogame promises an exhilarating and Electronic Theatre Imageengaging new chapter in the Aliens universe, featuring authentic environments such as the surface of LV-426 and Hadley’s Hope and weapons inspired by the movie franchise.

Aliens: Colonial Marines begins with an ostensibly abandoned ship, the U.S.S. Sulaco, recovered in orbit around LV-426. Players lead a group of highly-trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the deserted craft to uncover the fate of the crew. They will have to fight to survive unspeakable horrors and their own anxieties as they chase down the truth behind a galaxy-spanning deception that places humanity at the mercy of the most murderous and deadly species in the universe.

In addition to SEGA’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, MCM London Comic Con will play host to titles from top publishers such as Nintendo, Capcom, Tecmo Koei and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, as well as Gamespot UK’s dedicated
videogames stage. To buy tickets to the MCM London Comic Con at Excel London on 25th-27th May, please visit: Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the many videogames set to appear at the show.


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