Weekly Recap Jan 26th: Atari Goes Bankrupt, THQ Sold Off, Gaming Journalism Fails Again

This week will probably go down as the week of horrible, gut-wrenching, watery-eyed bad news. There wasn’t much of anything redeeming except for the fact that some of our popular brands and companies survived THQ’s collapse and will be refitted and readjusted to new homes […]
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This week will probably go down as the week of horrible, gut-wrenching, watery-eyed bad news. There wasn’t much of anything redeeming except for the fact that some of our popular brands and companies survived THQ’s collapse and will be refitted and readjusted to new homes under new publishers, but it wasn’t all about replanting daisies and basking in artificial sunlight for everybody, some companies like Atari and Vigil Games didn’t fare so well. These stories and more, in this January 26th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Bleend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Fallout 3 Actor Explains Alleged Fallout 4 Tease It’s not all it appears to be.

Metal Gear Rising Could Have Starred Gray Fox What happened? Raiden dropped some thunder, that’s what happened.

Blizzard’s CCO Defends Jay Wilson, Says They’re Listening To Diablo 3 Community It’s not all bad and Blizzard really is listening to the fan base.

Dead Space 3 Demo Coming Next Week, Watch Gameplay Footage Now In preparation of the demo some new gameplay footage has been unleashed.

Unreported SimCity Bugs Can Get You Banned From Your Origin Account Kiss your EA games goodbye if they find out you’ve been exploiting bugs during the beta.

GTA V Pre-Order Earns You 1600 MS Points Well if that’s not a benefit for pre-ordering I don’t know what is.

DotA 2 Least Played Mode Encourages Players to Experiment Get rewarded for playing a mode you usually wouldn’t play.


Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch First 30 Minutes Of Gameplay Watch the entirety of the gameplay for 30 whole minutes. Definitely worth it.

Antichamber Will Scramble Your Mind In Late January One of the most mind-boggling video games ever designed will arrive later this month.

Disney Infinity Aims To Mimic Skylanders Disney Interactive lets loose some huge announcements regarding the future of their IP and their interactive game space.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Achivements Hint At New DLC Ubisoft may have some new DLC in store for SP Vs The World fans.

Xbox 720 Spec Leaks Confirm 8GB RAM, Octa-Core Processor Microsoft may have gone all out for the next generation Xbox.

Miner Wars 2081 Always-on DRM Completely Removed, Gamers Rejoice This is a great win for the gaming community as the fight against DRM continues.

IGN Will Shrink, Says Dan Hsu Could the biggest gaming media hub in the world take a hit after the sell goes through?

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Update 8 Skin Pack 4 Coming Soon Since you can’t mod your own skins into the game, you have to get them via updates and those updates are coming soon.


Atari Filing Bankruptcy In U.S. They’re actually dying so they can become bigger, badder, stronger, more Ponged up than ever before.

Co-op Shooter Storm Announced By Riddick Studio StarBreeze is moving away from the AAA realm and focusing on what they do best.

Project X Zone Coming To Nintendo 3DS This Summer Featuring the greats from Sega, Namco and Capcom all in one game.

Roblox traded $176 Million Worth of Virtual Currency In 2012. Very impressive numbers for a company that isn’t parading around on the stock exchange.

Last of Us Offers Survival Post Pandemic Special Editions Additional pre-order bonuses have been launched for the highly anticipated action survival game.

City of Steam English Version Being Published By R2 Games The highly anticipated steampunk RPG will be made in English.

BioShock Infinite Mind Revolt E-Book Free With Amazon Pre-Order Grabbing the game from Amazon gets you a free e-book to go along with your interactive gaming experience.

Resident Evil Revelations Coming To Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC Capcom is expanding their horizons and opening the game up to a broader audience.


Dust 514 Launches for PS3 Today CCP has also opened up the EVE Online servers for full integration with the new MMOFPS for PS3.

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Sign-Ups Begin Bethesda is now recruiting gamers for the upcoming launch of the Elder Scrolls Online.


SimCity EULA Modified, EA Says They Won’t Ban Accounts For Unreported Bugs This is really good news for people who wanted to play the beta but didn’t sign up in fear of being EA’nalized.

Old School Defense Now Available For iOS, Android Based very very loosely on the movie of the same name, Old School Defense becomes available for mobile devices of varying tastes and flavors.

THQ Has Been Sold Off, Saints Row, Homefront, Metro Last Light Find New Homes Pretty big news about the death of THQ.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD Coming to Wii U Nintendo begins whipping out the big guns.

Crysis 3 Beta Announced For PS3, Xbox 360, PC Fancy getting into the beta? Sign-up right now.


Nintendo Direct Announces Games, Features for Wii U A list of all of the cool new games on the horizon for the Wii U.

Geomerics Opens Office In Vancouver, Canada The lighting solution middleware company lets loose some news about a brand new office in Canada.

WWE Video Game Series Purchased By 2K Sports? It’s possible we could be seeing the WWE video games under a new license holder.

Luigi Mansion Dark Moon Multiplayer Hunter Mode Detailed Part of Nintendo’s continued line-up of games releasing for the Wii U.

Plexor M5 Pro Xtreme SSD Launches In U.S. You can grab the fastest SSD available right now at a moderate price.

Strike Suit Zero Now Available On Steam The mix of Macross and Gundam becomes available on PC.

Platinum Games Wants Darksiders IP For Cheap Because we actually all want Platinum Games to get hold of Darksiders…that would be so freaking epic.


Last of Us Demo Available First With God of War Ascension if you buy one you get to play the other’s demo.

Major News Sites Duped By Fake Xbox 720 Rumors How much fail is video game journalism? Fail enough to have a picture next to the word “Fail” in the Merriam dictionary.

Bowser Takes Top Spot In Guinness Top 50 Villains List The biggest baddie of them all? Bowser. Don’t believe me? Click the link and see it for yourself.

Dead Space 3 Microtransaction Store Was Made To Attract Mobile Gamers Well, if you like some cash shop goodies in your game, be sure to check out the new cash hop in Dead Space 3

Google Play Games Rack Up Massive DAU Over The Holidays Some boring marketing talk for people who care about that kind of stuff.

DayZ Standalone Gets Huge Update; Dean Says They’re Taking Their Time This is great news for gaming purists looking for a non watered-down experience.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Video Confirms Jesse McCartney For English Voice-Overs At least this is good news on the front that this means a North American release might be inbound.

Xbox 360 Sales Down 29% Due To Being Old And Haggily What does haggily mean? It means the Xbox 360 is like an old hag you pay top dollar for while withholding any of the amenities that come with younger, prettier technology.


Resident Evil 6 PC Release Date Set, Has More Freatures, Free DLC, Extra Modes Capcom does right by PC players this time around and they deserve a good pat on the back.

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker Limited Edition Comes With Free Soundtrack The sequel to the PS2 classic has some neat little pre-order bonuses in tow.

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Gets Animated Short A great way to promote the upcoming game with some non-gaming related promo material. Check it out after the jump.

Terraria Expands On Consoles Next Month New content, new maps, new weapons, new gear…it’s all good.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Peacekeeper SMG Detailed Curious what the new DLC weapon is about and how it works? Check it out in the new video.

Electronic Theatre Preview: Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 Find out if this thousand-army, bloody beat-e’m-up is worth the investment or something you should quell your excitement over.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap, you can check out a brand new trailer for Episode 7 of Halo 4′s Spartan Ops below. Enjoy.


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