Weekly Recap Feb 9th: Witcher 3 Announced, GTA V On Next-Gen, GameStop Closing Stores

This week had some of the biggest news items of the year. No, scratch that. This week DID have the biggest news items of the year. Xbox 720 rumors spur that the system could ban used games and have a constant always-on connection. The worst […]
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This week had some of the biggest news items of the year. No, scratch that. This week DID have the biggest news items of the year. Xbox 720 rumors spur that the system could ban used games and have a constant always-on connection. The worst part of it? Microsoft didn’t deny the rumors one bit. GameStop is closing up to 500 stores throughout 2013 and CD Projekt RED has announced the next-generation Witcher game for new-gen consoles and PC. Also, analysts believe GTA V will be next-gen ready this fall. These stories and more in this February 9th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Steam Database Adds Halo 2, Halo 3, Fez A bunch of really cool games are coming to Steam, if the database is to be believed.

GTA V Could Be Xbox 720, PS4 Launch Title, Says Analyst Why not? It’s launching close enough with them anyways.

BloodMasque, A New Square Enix Horror Franchise? New registered trademarks lead people to believe a new horror series is on the way, thank goodness.

GameStick Kickstarter Closes At More Than 600 Percent of its Original Goal This means you’ll be able to plug-and-play mobile games on your TV with a controller sooner rather than later.

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Finally Hits PC At A Discount The disc-locked content gets a massive discount on Steam, but have you forgiven Capcom for their misdeeds to give them your money again?

Cave Character Figures now On Sale If you thought the characters were unique and memorable from Double Fine’s The Cave, you can scrounge up some cash and purchase the figurines to show your undying support and love for the product.

XSeed Games Localizing Six Games in 2013 This includes Suda51′s Killer Is Dead, which is set for release this summer.


Super Bowl XLVII Is Here To Show Your Pride In Call of Duty Black Ops 2 You can make some neat custom content to show support for the Super Bowl in Blops 2.

Minecraft Made Nearly $100 Million Xbox Live Alone Mojang and 4J Studios really hit a homerun with Minecraft in 2012.

Bleed Brings Side-Scrolling Bullet-Time To Steam A little Max Payne in your Steam Greenlight? I vote “yes”.

GameStop Closing Up To 500 Stores In 2013 Dang, talk about poetic justice.

Akaneiro Demon Hunters Hits Kickstarter Goal Spicy Horse Games scores a homerun with their ARPG based on a demon-themed Little Red Riding Hood.

Resident Evil 6, DmC: Devil May Cry Under Perform With Poor Sales Capcom gets kicked in the nuts by gamers and long-time fans who decided they wouldn’t be goaded into spending money on cash-in titles.

Crusader Kings II Invaded By Gods DLC Paradox Interactive drops some new DLC for gamers in Crusader Kings II.

Metal Gear Rising PS3 Has Exclusive VR DLC Konami treats PS3 gamers to some exclusive DLC.

Capcom Bringing Back Horror To Resident Evil After Piss-Poor Fan Feedback This is always a good sign – when you hit the wallet, the publisher begins to listen.


Aliens Colonial Marines Interview We talk with the composer to get a bit of insight into what it was like working on a game that ties directly into the canon for James Cameron’s Aliens film.

GTA V On Xbox 720, PS4 Addressed By Take-Two CEO Find out what the boss has to say about the game arriving on next-gen consoles.

Witcher 3 Screenshots Feature Whales, Horseback Riding, Ships This game is beyond a shadow of a doubt a true next-gen gem.

Fuzzy Slaughter Brings Co-op Beat E’m Up Action To Kickstarter A beat e’m up where you fight against PITA has all sorts of fun, hilarity and pervisity in tow.

Steam Mobile App Now Supports iPad Better support, I might add.

Worms, Alien Breed Games Go On Sale For Xbox 360 Namco Bandai also puts a few of their titles on sale, too.

TERA Rising Now Free-to-Play And enabling you to experience true next-gen gameplay on today’s generation of computers.

Borderlands 2 Add-On Content Pack Includes Previously Released DLC You can get all the new and old content for Borderlands 2 in one tight little package.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Announced For Next-Gen Systems The first trailer has also gone live and you can enjoy this news along with the new screenshots.


Assassin’s Creed 3 Tyranny King Washington Screenshots Show Off Wolves Invisibility Command wolves and dress like a savage badass in the latest DLC pack for AC3.

Xbox 720 Will Be Always-On, Bans Used Games, According To Edge More rumors for the mill but they could be true as true gets.

Dead Space 3 Bug Gives You Unlimited Resources Oh, a foil in EA’s microtransaction plan backfires when a bug is used like this age-old thing called…a code.

Aliens: Killing Floor Total Conversion Now Available Can’t wait for the release of Colonial Marines? Check out the free Aliens: Killing Floor total conversion.

Allods Online Lords of Destiny Expansion Coming March gPotato continues to unleash expansion packs for the MMO.

EA Wins Publisher of the Year Award From Metacritic The numbers don’t lie

Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 Tecmo Koei is publishing the game on Microsoft and Sony’s systems this spring.

Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Horror Game Announced An interesting new investigative murder-horror game has been announced by former People Can Fly devs.

Saints Row 4, Metro Last Light Coming in 2013 THQ’s former titles now under Koch Media will make a later 2013 launch…will Saints Row stand a chance against GTA V?

Gears of War Judgment Goes Gold Set for release this spring, the final entry in this generation’s Gears of War comes to a close.


OUYA Store Gets First Game, Preps For Launch The little game console that could finally gets its first game as it gears up for launch.

Call of Duty 2013, Call of Duty Online Confirmed by Activision Kotick wants his money. Golden toilets for his new house and all.

Tomb Raider Has Gone Gold Eidos and Crystal Dynamics reboot of the series has officially gone gold as it gears up for release.

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 Gets Pulverized With Poor Review Scores Unfortunately the game does not score very well with reviewers at all.

Rayman Legends Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 In September The title is going multiplatform this fall.

Microsoft Responds To Xbox 720 Rumors And what they say isn’t very convincing for gamers.

Unfinished Swan Leads PSN Sales In January The indie title that could be considered the close cousin of Journey is still making a wave on PSN.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Offers New Hero, New Time Period? Connor is out, some new dude is in.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Sells 12 Million, Far Cry 3 Sells 4.5 Million Ubisoft moves a lot of units of both franchises, showcasing that you don’t need to be Call of Duty to make a lot of money.


Mass Effect 4 Isn’t Called Mass Effect 4 Well, Shepard is out and BioWare doesn’t want people calling the new game ME4.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game Coming This Summer Activision is aiming to cash in on more than just CoD and World of Warcraft.

Dead Space 3 Unlimited Resource Exploit Isn’t A Bug, Won’t Be Patched Good news for people afraid that they’d have to head to the cash shop to progress.

HabitRPG Turns Your Real-Life Into A Game An interesting new Kickstarter game where your daily habits become a game.

ZombiU Wii U Bundle Launching In U.S. And Canada This Month This bundle rewards gamers who waited to purcahse a Wii U so they could get it with the awesome FPS from Ubisoft.

Bientôt l’été Launches On Steam, Causes Gamers To Rage In Confusion The game brings French arthouse interactivity to the game space.

Skyrim Patch 1.8 Dated For PS3 Bethesda still has plans to keep PS3 gamers from completely rage-quitting on their game.


Aliens: Colonial Marines Offer Season Pass On First DLC Pack New details on the upcoming FPS’ DLC packs.

Electronic Theatre In-Depth Review Gun Commando How well does the game stack up? ET gives you a rundown.

KillZone 4 A PS4 Launch Title? With all the huge PS4 rumors we’re now starting to get glimpses of what possible launch titles could be on the horizon for Sony’s next console.

Electronic Theatre In-Depth Review: Omerta City of Gangsters This game is receiving a lot of mixed reviews, find out if it’s worth the full-price plunge.

Hitman Sniper Assassin Trademark By Square Enix A new sniper game is on the horizon for the Hitman that might focus on – you guess it – sniping.

Redbox Streaming App Coming To Xbox 360 Additional movie and content rental service Redbox is now coming to the Xbox 360.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. This week wraps up with a trailer for Crysis 3 focusing on the game’s intense multiplayer. Check it out below.


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