Weekly Recap Feb 23rd: PS4 Announced, WWE 14 Announced, Diablo 3 Coming To PS4

Huge, huge week in the news. Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 home entertainment system, complete with a touchscreen controller, sensor bar, improved EyeToy and a much better functioning Move. Social interaction plays a big part in the PS4′s library of impressive skills, and the […]
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Huge, huge week in the news. Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 home entertainment system, complete with a touchscreen controller, sensor bar, improved EyeToy and a much better functioning Move. Social interaction plays a big part in the PS4′s library of impressive skills, and the console just barely edges out the next Xbox in the specs department. 2K Sports has officially announced their takeover of the WWE franchise from the now defunct THQ, and Blizzard announces a return to consoles after nearly two decades of exclusive PC titles with the announcement of Diablo 3 for the PS3 and PS4. These stories and much, much, much more in this February 23rd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Skyrim Was Generic, Says Witcher 3 Dev Can it really be? Well, yes, and he’s absolutely right.

Watch Dogs Launching In 2013 For Next-Gen Consoles? Possibly, yes. But it’s also coming to current-gen consoles too.

Destiny Gameplay Footage Debuts With First ViDoc Bungie is back and they’re bringing the next-gen gameplay with Destiny.

Evolution PlayStation Series Continues With PS2 Sony is building up to the announcement of the PlayStation 4 with some more promos of past console victories.

PS4 To Stream PS3 Games? That’s sort of what it’s shaping up to be.


Tomb Raider Interview: Composing Music Fit for A Legend We chat it up with Jason Graves about his stellar work on the Tomb Raider soundtrack.

Bungie’s Destiny May Not Be Coming In 2013 Iffy news surfaces that indicates the game could be a way off.

DayZ Standalone Limited Alpha Keys Being Issued Oh boy, how I wish I was one of the lucky ones!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Headlines Tomorrow’s PSN Update

Don’t Blame Journalists For Aliens Colonial Marines Being Terrible Pete Haas offers a counter-argument to the original that blamed gaming journalists for not being more forthcoming about Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Wii U Is A Mistake, Nintendo Can’t Recover Says Michael Pachter More fuel for the flames…and boy are they burning high.

Rock Band DLC Finally Plays Its Final Note In April No more DLC for Rock Band…it’s done, it’s finished.

Age of Wushu Villain Screenshots Scope out some of the bosses of the game.

Bungie’s Destiny May Not Come To PC Poor PC gamers, always getting the backwood treatment from devs.


APB Reloaded Getting Optimized In A Huge Way, Soon G1 will be fixing one of the most problematic features of the game.

PS4 Prices, PlayStation World Subscription Detailed By Report A little speculation on what’s going to be announced tomorrow.

BioShock Infinite Goes Gold, Lamb of Columbia Trailer Released

Gearbox Lied To Sega About Aliens: Colonial Marines, Says Developer A former employee spills even more beans. At this junction, there are so many beans spilled in this scenario that all the homeless people in America can be fed.

Xbox 720 Leaked Specs Tipster Gets Raided By Police Oh, he fought the law…and the law won.

Michael Pachter Clarifies Comments About Wii U Being A MistakeMichael Pachter Clarifies Comments About Wii U Being A Mistake The Pach-Man doesn’t take anything back, but he does add some context.

Defiance Being Published For Xbox 360, PS3 By Namco Bandai The MMOTPS is arriving this April at retail thanks to Namco Bandai.

BlizzCon 2013 Dates, Location Confirmed Blizzard is back for a big convention this year.


Destiny Delayed For Call of Duty, Says Analyst Well, who really thought that this was surprising? Really?

Naughty Dog PS3 Assets Are PS4 Ready Upscaling won’t be a problem moving from the PS3 to the PS4.

Randy Pitchford Says He’ll Lose A Huge Amount of Money From Aliens: Colonial Marines The ugliness can’t be escaped.

Hotline Miami Busts Skulls On PS3, Vita This Spring One of the most violent and entertaining games of 2012 will arrive for Sony’s platforms this spring.

InFamous Second Son Announced For PS4 The third inFamous game has been announced and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Bungie Destiny Gameplay Footage Unveiled For PS4 Event, Exclusive DLC For PlayStation A current and next-gen game arriving for every major platform.

PS4 Officially Announced Has Slightly Better Specs Than Xbox 720 Sony makes the first announcement for their next-gen console.

Killzone Shadow Fall Announced For PlayStation 4 The next installment in the Killzone series gets officially announced.

Diablo 3 Coming to PS4 and PS3 No word on if the RMAH is coming along with it.


Urban Style Freestyle Getting Tricky On PS3, PS Vita A new version of some side-scrolling motorcycle racing.

Project Awakened Next-Gen UE4 Game Needs Help on Kickstarter This is easily one of the greatest game ideas ever that’s not getting enough attention.

Aliens Crucible Footage Shows Off Obsidian’s Cancelled Aliens Game Some of the footage of Obsidian’s canceled game.

Crysis 3 Review Round-Up More Than Just A Pretty Face The game delivers, not quite in spades…but it delivers.

IGN Staff Hit With Layoffs; Gamespy, 1UP, UGO Shutting Down These top dogs won’t be at the top anymore.

PS4 Games Will Cost Between $0.99 and $60 No more price hikes, no more software jumps. $60 is the limit.

Harmonix, Double Fine Discuss PS4 Development Sony has made it a lot more convenient to make games on the PS4 and various studios share their excitement about it.

Assetto Corsa Joins Steam’s Greenlight This high-end racing title is looking for a little help on Steam’s community driven website.

PS4 Will Support Used Games This is huge news for PlayStation fanboys. How will Microsoft respond?


Knack Could Be PS4′s First Mascot The PS3 didn’t really have much of a mascot outside of Sackboy, but Knack could potentially be the first for the PS4.

Witcher 3 Coming To PS4 CD Projekt RED has confirmed that The Witcher 3 is coming to the PlayStation 4.

Watch Unreal Engine 4 Running on PS4 Now Check out the UE4 running in real-time on the PS4. Be impressed.

NeoGeo X Classics Volume I Offers 15 More Games to Retro Console More classics have been added to the NeoGeo X console.

Dota 2 Hero Builds Now Available Check ‘em out while they fresh off the press release.

inFamous Second Son: Meet Delsin Rowe New game, new hero, new story. How about you all get acquainted before things progress any further?

Armored Core Verdict Day Coming This Summer to Xbox 360, PS3 The current gen consoles may be age-old, but they’re still getting new games.

Rainbow Skies Announced For Late 2014 Release Well, it’s obviously going to be kind of good if it’s getting an announcement a whole year in advance, yeah?


PSN Games, Save Data Don’t Transfer Over to PlayStation 4 Well, with all the good news there was bound to be some bad news.

Disgaea D2 Brighter Darkness Coming to North America, Europe Fans of the long running series will at least be able to get their hands on it outside of Japan.

DayZ Mod Now Available on Steam Valve provides gamers with an easy way to access the most popular mod of 2012.

DayZ Standalone Zombie Mo-Cap Session Features Rocket in a Zombie Sex Party It’s as awkward as it is embarrassingly funny.

PS4 Does Not Require Constant Internet Connection Sony curb stomps the rumors about always-on like Michael curb-stomped that pimp in Halloween 2.

Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn PS3 Beta Sign-Ups Now Open Check out one of the most revitalized, and highly anticipated re-launches in the history of gaming by signing up for the upcoming beta.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. It seemed like it was such an action-packed week that maybe there were a few things we forgot? No worries, check out the sexy new trailer for Watch Dogs below. Enjoy.


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