Weekly Recap March 2nd: Xbox 720 Always-On, Diablo 3 Adds Offline, Deus Ex Human Defiance

The news wires ignite when rumors resurface again stating that the Xbox 720 will be always-on and “watermark” games so as to prevent them from being played on multiple systems. Blizzard confirms that Diablo III for the PS3 and PS4 will have an offline mode […]
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The news wires ignite when rumors resurface again stating that the Xbox 720 will be always-on and “watermark” games so as to prevent them from being played on multiple systems. Blizzard confirms that Diablo III for the PS3 and PS4 will have an offline mode for the co-op, and a filing for Deus Ex: Human Defiance gets a lot of gamers curious. These stories and more in this March 2nd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Sega Can’t Sue Gearbox Over Embezzlement, Says Sega Employee And the plot thickens even more than it did the last time the plot got thick.

RIFT Update 2.2 Celebrates Two Year Anniversary, Brings Back Carnival Ascended Trion is keeping the updates rolling out and keeping them fresh.

Project Awakened Is The Greatest Super Hero Game You May Not Get To Play This is something every gamer should know about but sadly, doesn’t.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014 Enhances Online Country Clubs EA adds more country clubs to the upcoming Tiger Woods title.

PS4 $299 Is The Magic Price Point So says an analyst. Do you agree?

Legend of Grimrock 2 Announced The sequel is currently in development. Find out slightly more after the jump.

GeForce GTX Titan GPU Sports 6GB GDDR5 Memory And it has 2.6k CUDA Cores. The specs on this card are so beastly it’s insane.

Physics-Based Destruction Derby Game Announced By Bugbear Entertainment From the makers of Flatout comes a new-gen destruction derby title.


Splinter Cell Blacklist RC Plane Actually Does Fly Well that’s a relief. For a moment I thought it was just a gimmick to skyrocket the pre-order collector’s edition price.

Ubisoft is Sorry, They Want To Repair Their Relationship With PC Gamers Do you accept?

Dreamfall Chapters Raises $1 Million on Kickstarter After a lot of awareness the project has hit its goal.

Aliens Colonial Marines Loses Nearly 65% of Players In One Week Looks like people aren’t even sticking around to play the game.

Lord of the Rings Updating With Riders of Rohan Content Turbine continues to pump out content for the free-to-play MMORPG.

Tomb Raider Screenshots Explore Temple Fight, Samurais Lara has to fight some samurai? Well, now that’s…typical.

Banner Saga: Factions Now Available on Steam And Stoic Studios has let the game go for free…how nice of them.

Walking Dead Game Continuing Before Season Two? A hint at what may or may not happen for Season Two of the Walking Dead from TellTale Games.

Sega Wanted Aliens: Colonial Marines More Like Call of Duty, Says Dev Why? Because sales…that’s why.

PS4 Uses Blu-ray, Supports Cross-Game Party Chat Sony has officially caught up to and potentially surpassed any and everything Microsoft could attempt to throw their way.


Riot Brings Pulse Pounding Riot Simulation to Greenlight It lets you take on the role of rioters or police forces in a very intense and atmospheric game.

Kingdom Heats 1.5 HD ReMIX Finally Drops Onto PS3 This Fall It only took a really long time, but Square is doing it…they’re bringing it to Americans.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Sales Drop By 84% Oh fail. Gearbox and Sega are probably crying in a corner somewhere…somewhere dark and lonely…some really remote place on Twitter…except for Randy Pitchford.

Vanguard Princess Ready To Pummel English Speaking Fighter Fans The Japanese port makes its way Stateside.

Xbox 720 Has Always-on DRM, Blocks Used Games Says Eidos President The rumor keeps on keeping on and it’s not looking good for Microsoft.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Elite Edition Invading Mac This Spring 2K is releasing a special version of the game this spring.

Diablo 3 Sports Co-op Play, Offline Mode For PS3, PS4 PC gamers got burned but it looks like PS3 gamers might get the real version of the game.

Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increasing, Character Class in the Works This is great news for gamers who have already maxed out their characters.

PS4 Titles Available Day 1 On PSN, Allows For Remote Pre-loading You can download games from work.


Lego Batman 2 Coming to Wii U The Wii U may be getting these games late, but as the old saying goes: better late than never.

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-to-Play Today Hop in without charge. Literally, Sony knows how to treat its fans. This is amazing news.

Deus Ex Human Defiance Trademarked By Square Enix Human Revolution is getting a sequel…maybe.

Thomas Was Alone Coming To PS3, PS Vita This Spring The minimalist puzzle platformer is arriving on consoles this spring.

Real Racing 3 SteelSeries Headset Now Available An all white headset is available to celebrate Real Racing 3.

War Z Now Available For Steam…Again All controversy aside, Hammerpoint is trying their hand at the zombie survival genre once again.

All EA Games Will Have Microtransactions, Dev Costs Will Rise by 10% So basically, everything Sony is working towards with easing the transition of development and costs, EA and Activision seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

APB Reloaded Optimization Patch Launches, Unreal Engine Update Coming This is great news for gamers playing APB: Reloaded, as the game’s lag has been fixed.


God of War Acension Developer Diary Profiles Empusa A very well-endowed succubus gets the spotlight treatment in the latest developer diary for God of War: Ascension.

Orion Dino Horde Coming to Steam; Xbox 720, PS4 Release Possible Skipping current-gen and aiming for next-gen is Spiral Games’ plan for Orion.

PS4 User Interface Revealed, What Do You Think? Sony unveils the new interface for the PS4, take a look.

Undertaker Extends His Wrestlemania Streak to Video Games Who knew The Deadman has been in so many games?

Sleeping Dogs Slow Motion Mod Turns Wei Shen Neo The mods begin rolling out for Sleeping Dogs and this cool slow-motion mod really shines.

Social Mobile game Ads Have More Click-Throughs Than Normal Ads However, it doesn’t quite compare to hardcore gaming ads.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Announced Please let this be a next-gen game, please!


Single-Player Experiences Have to Go Away Says Crytek Well, because of money.

Cliffy B Defends EA, DLC, Greedy Publishers Well…because of money

Rambo Video Game Feature Audio From Film Series Finally, something that isn’t just about money. This should go over well with fans.

Dead Island Riptide Gets Some Pre-Order DLC Bonuses More pre-order bonus DLC surfaces for Dead Island.

Orion Dino Horde Multiplayer Beta Launches March 4th Join in on the multiplayer beta, getting underway soon.

Logitech Reducing Workforce Focusing More On Mobile Peripherals

Insurgency Source Engine FPS Early Beta Access Announced If you pre-order the game you’ll be able to test out the game during the early beta.


Tomb Raider Now Pre-Loading on Steam The release date draws ever so near.

Cliff B, Microtransactions and Why I’m Done With Consoles A really cool editorial about the problems with the industry and abusing microtransactions.

Beyond Two Souls Gets Willem Dafoe, Release Date The PS3 exclusive finally has a solid release date.

Electronic Theatre Preview For Gears of War: Judgment Find out what ET thought of the latest third-person shooter from Epic Games.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Release Date Leaked, Next-Gen Release Confirmed Ubisoft has plans to expand the series beyond the current generation of consoles.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. The trailer below is an awesome look at the upcoming Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel. The name of the trailer? The blockbuster. Grab a look and see for yourself why it was named as such.


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