Weekly Recap March 30th: Metal Gear Solid 5 Announced, Battlefield 4 Footage, Unity On PS4

Electronic Arts unveils the first gameplay footage of Battlefield 4. Hideo Kojima details Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain with a new announce trailer and brand new gameplay and Unity Technology makes it known that they’re just getting started and will be unveiling official support […]
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Electronic Arts unveils the first gameplay footage of Battlefield 4. Hideo Kojima details Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain with a new announce trailer and brand new gameplay and Unity Technology makes it known that they’re just getting started and will be unveiling official support for the PlayStation 4 later on this year. These stories and much more in this March 30th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Broken Age Is Double Fine’s Adventure Game The first image of Double Fine’s point-and-click adventure title have emerged.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Coming to iOS Firaxis not only hit a home run with XCOM Enemy Unknown but they’re bringing the game to iOS as well.

Fuse Shoots Up U.S, Europe With Official Release Dates Insomniac Games’ latest shooter gets an official release date.

Defiance Hands On Preview With Third Person Shooter Gaming Blend’s Ryan Winslett gets hands-on time with the latest game.

Borderlands 2 Character Class Krieg Is A Psycho Bandit Gearbox rolls out more details on the upcoming sixth character class for Borderlands 2.

Project Night Joins Steam Greenlight An indie third-person title built on the Unity Engine.


Planet Explorers Heads to Kickstarter After making a name in the indie space, the developers are looking to further expand their reach by heading to Kickstarter.

Marvel Heroes Release Date Set For June David Brevik’s ARPG gets an official release date.

RuneScape 3 Announced For The Summer Jagex has big plans for the most popular free-to-play brand ever made.

EVE Online Odyssey Expansion Pack Announced CCP has an official expansion in store for dedicated EVE players.

Magicka Wizard Wars Adds Multiplayer Spell Casting Formula A new update makes multiplayer a lot more affable.

GTA Vice City Rage Video Features Working Missions

Unity Technology Joins Forces With Qualcomm Technologies

Ecco The Dolphin Successor Big Blue Now On Kickstarter One of the greatest games ever made for the Sega could get a crowd-funded sequel, if gamer are willing to support it.


Jak & Daxter Collection Rated For PS Vita Sony is re-releasing some of the greatest games ever made for their PlayStation console(s).

iPi Soft Markerless Mo-Cap Middleware Now Available On Steam One of the most cost effective middleware tools is now available on Steam.

World of Tanks Blitz Bringing The War To Mobile Devices One of the most popular free-to-play titles ever designed is coming to mobile devices.

Strike Suit Zero Mech Suits Released Born Ready is rewarding their fans with some brand new content.

Dragon Crown Coming to U.S. PS3, Vita This Summer An official release date has finally been set for one of the most visually impressive games coming out.

Project Awakened Tries Crowd-Funding Route…Again. Second time’s the charm right? Let’s hope it doesn’t have to go to a third.

Square Enix Predicts Extraordinary Loss, President Yoichi Wada Resigns Amidst positive sales figures, it wasn’t enough to rebound the company.


Camouflage Xbox 360 Controller Coming Soon A new camouflage controller to highlight your gaming experiences.

Orion Dino Horde Release Date Is Set And don’t forget, owners of the original Orion will get the sequel for free.

Final Fantasy XI Seekers of Adoulin Content Now Available Square keeps the content for FFXI rolling out.

Corsair Adds Dolby 2.0, Pro Logic IIx Support To Vengeance Headsets Make your Vengeance 2000 headsets work even better than they already do.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Trailer

Battlefield 4 Screenshots Demonstrate Frostbite 3.0 Potential The next generation of game engine technology gets showcased in a series of screenshots for DICE’s next-gen shooter.


Destiny Character Development Video Introduces Guardians And Aliens Check out some more content for Bungie’s upcoming Destiny.

Batman Arkham Origins Announced For E3? It’s possible.

Company of Heroes 2 Closed Beta Starting Next Week Relic’s strategy game begins multiplayer beta testing next week.

Journey Sweeps GDC 2013 With Developers Choice Awards

New Assassin’s Creed in Development Ubisoft has big plans for their largest franchise.

PC Gaming Hits $20 Billion In 2012, Has One-Billion Gamers Worldwide PC gaming is still dying? It almost tops retail console gaming in sales.

APB Vendetta Announced For PC, PS4 Reloaded Productions is doing something big and new and something that’s is destined to be console-ready if they can hit their goal.

Final Fantasy V Launches on iOS Today A classic JRPG from the Golden Era makes a return to form for today’s mobile devices.


Skullgirls IndieGoGo Campaign Ends with Five Funded DLC Characters The developers manage to accrue enough funds to make five brand new characters.

Terraria Explores PlayStation Vita This Summer The neo-classic terra-forming RPG will be on Sony’s handheld this summer.

DOTA 2 Adds Rigwarl Bristleback A new character to join Valve’s MOBA DOTA game.

Primal Carnage Genesis PS4 First-Look The game from Lukewarm Media gets its first bit of promo material for Sony’s next generation console.

Halo 4 Forge Island Now Available Xbox 360 gamers can mess around with all that Halo 4 has to offer with the latest bit of free DLC.

PS4 Vs PC Unreal Engine 4 Demon Knight Graphics Comparison A rundown of the differences between the UE4 on PC and PS4.

Defiance History Chronicle In Newspaper Clippings Find out more about the lore of Defiance with this new promo material.

OUYA Launches at Retail This June For $99 It’s all set in stone, now that the backers have their OUYA the normal plebs can get theirs.


Xbox 360 Gets Apps For Smart Glass, Revision3, MLB More entertainment apps for Microsoft’s home entertainment console.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Co-op Find out what this game is like in the co-op modes.

Why Metal Gear Solid 5 Doesn’t Star David Hayter Hideo Kojima moves on from the famed voice actor for newer, younger pastures.

Tabletop Co-op Zombicide An interesting editorial by the boys and girls at Co-Optimus.

Electronic Theatre Preview for Stardrive Find out what Paradox Interactive’s latest strategy title is like.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. How about you check out the super awesome Infiltrator trailer for the Unreal Engine 4 below. Enjoy.


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