Weekly Recap May 4th: River City Ransom Sequel, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, 2K Bows Out Of E3

This is the week that Ubisoft unleashed the Blood Dragon onto the world and we loved them for it. We also got wind of a new River City Ransom sequel, hopefully it’s better than the one where our heroes had to break out of prison […]
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This is the week that Ubisoft unleashed the Blood Dragon onto the world and we loved them for it. We also got wind of a new River City Ransom sequel, hopefully it’s better than the one where our heroes had to break out of prison and beat the living spittle out of those old, nasty, evil teachers. And a few more studios bow out of presenting at E3 this year. These stories and more in this May 4th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


SZone Online Turns S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Into An MMO open-world, lots of players and plenty of shoot ‘em up action to keep fans of the popular Ukrainian series entertained. It just needs a little help on Steam’s Greenlight.

2K Games Won’t Have An E3 2013 Booth Well this marks the third strike, it looks like E3 is out for many self-made publishers who don’t even want to bother with the investor-themed trade-show.

Monaco Xbox 360 Delay Explained By Dev The cooperative snatch-and-grab heist game hits a major snag for Microsoft’s Xbox 360…but the devs have an explanation as to why.

Bureau XCOM Declassified Screenshots Battle Aliens From an FPS to a TPS, see how 2K has reworked the game and turned it into something more XCOM’y.

eSports Watch: iRacing World Championships A group going by the name of Glacier TV covers the live eSports coverage of iRacing and it’s quite impressive.

Deadpool Stars Mister Sinister, Psylocke Some of the top players from Marvel’s extensive universe will make an appearance in High Moon Studios’ upcoming Deadpool game.


Resident Evil Revelations Developer Diary Talks About Horror

Project CARS Video Tests Max Settings Graphics On Nurburgring See the latest build of Project CARS with the graphics maxed out in the settings on Nurburging with a BMW M9.

Valve Will Not Exhibit At E3 This Year Just drop ‘em out like flies in a waste basket.

Dust 514 Launches For PlayStation 3 May 14th The first-person shooter for the PS3 will be widely available starting May 14th.

Skullgirls Gets Eliza, First Fan-Voted DLC Character After crowd-funding the DLC character, fans of the series can now purchase the DLC character right now.

DayZ Standalone Public Alpha Release Set For June Dean “Rocket” Hall sets a release window for the upcoming DayZ standalone release.

Ragnarok Online 2 Launches On Steam The MMO sequel makes its debut this week.

Xbox 720 Illumiroom Projects Games Into Your Living Room It’s some neat novelty technology for those who want an immersive experience.

Stealth Bastard Deluxe Sneaks Onto Linux, Mac Through Steam The stealth game branches out to various platforms.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Introduces Lu Su, Han Dang Additional characters join the every-growing roster for Dynasty Warriors 8.

River City Ransom Sequel in the Works One of the most popular games from the NES and SNES is getting a sequel.


Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemist of the Dusk Sky Screenshots Released A rarely talked about JRPG gets some fresh new screenshots that make the game look rather awesome.

Defiance Game Contest Puts A Player in Syfy Show The contest sees players competing to go from the game to the TV show.

Auto Club Revolution Exits Beta, Now Officially Available to Everyone Another great looking online game that lands on the public sector for auto racing gamers.

Jagged Alliance Flashback Backers Receive DRM-Free Classic Pack For Free Old games tossed in for extra measure with actual support for Windows 7. It’s an absolute Win-Win situation. Seriously, check this cheet out.

Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes Announced With Unreal Engine Trailer The next Sherlock Holmes game takes a new step in an advanced direction, adopting Epic’s Unreal Engine 3.

Orion Dino Horde Content Pack Launches New night maps, new achievements and a few more in-store items launch for the dino hunting sequel.

Soul Sacrifice Hits Vita Check out the launch trailer to this neat little mobile title.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Launches Today This is, by far, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year next to GTA V.


Portal Designer Soul Fjord Is An Ouya Exclusive An interesting mix of samurai and blaxplotation comes together in Soul Fjord.

Guild Wars 2 Flame Frost of Retribution Goes Live NCSoft rolls out some brand new content for Guild Wars 2.

Edge of Space, Papers, Please, Venetica Get Greenlit For Steam Some amazing indie games finally get greenlit for Steam’s store.

Fatal Frame Goes Behind the Lens With Series Director Find out more and how the game came to be with the Fatal Frame director.

2K and Firaxis Announce Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol iOS A new aerial strategy game is planned for release exclusively on iOS.

Kung Fu Rabbit Launching Soon for Wii U A new platforming game is launching for the Wii U.

Fez Launches For PC One of the most celebrated 2D-3D games by one of the most controversial designers finally lands on PC.

KontrolFreek Unleashes Shield Controller Protectors Customize your controller with a cool livery while also protecting your controller with KontrolFreek’s new designs.


Machinama Revolver Golden Gods Apps Heading to Xbox 360 Play games less, watch more streaming content more. That is the way of Live.

Sega, Gearbox Sued For Falsely Advertising Aliens: Colonial Marines And good on them for getting sued. This sort of stuff should be tolerated…the embezzlement, lying part, anyway.

Road Redemption Has $60,000 To Go It needs more money, this is a spiritual successor to Road Rash we’re talking about people! Road Rash!

PC Controller Stinky Footboard Hits Kickstarter Goal This neat little device has officially been Kickstarted and will be available this summer for the breezy price of $120.

Haunted Hollow Now Available for iOS Bringing casual and hardcore strategy gamers together at least…on iOS at least.

Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep Revealed one of the writers of Gearbox let slip some tiny but massively important info on the latest bit of DLC.

Dark System Requirements Released With Screenshots Can you computer run this vampire-savvy stealth action title? Check it out to see the details.

Elder Scrolls Online Playable Gamescom New details emerge for Bethesda’s latest entry in the Elder scrolls.


Lego Star Wars Yoda Chronicles Free iOS App Coming Soon A free iOS game that features a Lego Yoda…what more could you possibly ask for?

China Online Gaming Market Estimated $11.9 Billion By the end of 2013 China’s online games will have made a massive amount of money.

Shadow of Eternals Is Eternal Darkness Successor After years of waiting…and waiting….and waiting…Nintendo fans of this old gem will finally have a reason to smile away the tears and sadness caused from all that waiting.

Doom 20th Anniversary Figure Now Available for Pre-Order Due out later this year, you can pre-order the figurine to show your old-school, shareware support for this classic genre-defining classic. Boot disks for the win (expanded memory for the lose!)

Snoop Dogg’s Way of the Dogg Launches for Xbox Live Don’t worry, this curse will spread soon enough and become readily available on additional platforms that’s not the Xbox.


Rambo Game Is A Rail-Shooter And…Rambo finally makes his first in-game appearance in what could either be an enjoyable budget-priced game or a thrilling thrillride into the thrilling thrill of a cesspool. I imagine that’s about the equivalent of trying to play any of Rebellion’s recent games and not throwing a controller-meets-wall RAGE fit.

In-Depth Review For Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon It’s here: How does the game rank and is it worth the $14.99 investment? Look, I’ll spare you the need to click the link and just say, heck yeah mofo! (muscled bro-clap!!!)

Harvest Debuts For Windows 8 Hey, if you’re done reading Jedi Master Gaben’s hate rants against Windows 8, you might find out that the new OS from Microsoft actually has a few games. Check ‘em out…they’re just for you PC Master Race.

Dragon’s Crown Trailers Feature Two Top Heavy Heroes Well, women don’t have anything good to say about this game, but I dare you to watch the second trailer without making the broadway play in your pants get a standing ovation.

Defiance Registers 1 Million Users, Issues New Patch For Lower level Co-op Requirements More friendliness, more mob-warfare, more multiplayer.

Sacred Citadel Review The Xbox Live Arcade title gets a full review courtesy of our buddies at XBLA Fans.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out the brand new trailer featuring the top 10 moments from Tomb Raider below. Enjoy.


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