Weekly Recap May 18th: Gran Turismo 6 Announced, Metro Last Light Fiasco, BioShock Infinite Sales

Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced that Gran Turismo 6 is arriving for the PlayStation 3 this fall. 4A Games and Deep Silver run into a bit of controversy with the gaming community over selling a difficulty setting in Metro: Last Light and 2K Games’ […]
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Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced that Gran Turismo 6 is arriving for the PlayStation 3 this fall. 4A Games and Deep Silver run into a bit of controversy with the gaming community over selling a difficulty setting in Metro: Last Light and 2K Games’ BioShock Infinite picks up major sales despite not being laced with DLC from mouth to anus and back again, or having ridiculous multiplayer options. These stories and more in this May 18th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


War Machine Goes on Patrol, Kicks Butt in GTA IV Iron Man’s number 2 whoops some butt in the open world of Liberty City.

Watch Dogs Video Contains Six Minutes Of Shooting, Hacking, GTA< ?a> Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs looks especially slick in a new video.

Maze Treasure Hunters Combines FPS, Platforming With MMORPG If you like tomb raiding and guns you might like Maze: Treasure Hunters.

Gaming With Austin Wintory: The Composer Behind Journey, Monaco, Leisure Suit Larry A preview article for the upcoming interview with movie and video game music composer, Austin Wintory.

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Forbidden Worlds DLC Available June 5th Additional DLC released to expand on the game.

Diablo 3 RMAH Back Online, Blizzard Donates Fraud Money To Charity At least the money reaped from fraudulent means is going to a good place….right?

Metro Last Light Hard Difficulty Is Premium DLC, Gamers Rightfully Rage Stripping out difficulty settings and selling them as DLC…do you think that’s okay?

Forest Brings Open World Horror To Steam Greenlight An open-world horror game where you have to survive in a dark, horrific forest.


Nvidia FaceWork Tech Demo Now Available To Burn Up Your GPU Nvidia allows anyone to test out their GPU against the mammoth FaceWork Tech Demo…you’ve been warned.

Review: Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut Is A Wonderful Mess Gaming Blend’s own Ryan Winslett gives a complete rundown of what makes Deadly Premonition such a beautifully messy B-movie style thriller.

BioShock Infinite Sells 3.7 Million Units Ken Levine’s amazing single-player FPS managed to move 3.7 million units.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 5 Gets Name And Fall Release Date So what is Capcom calling this latest Ace Attorney? Check the link to see the name.

Matrix Games Discounts Napolean War Crown for Glory A few of Matrix’s titles get a discount this week.

Cube World Explores Combat, Crafting and Exploration This really is one of the better upcoming indie games out there that we never knew existed.

Witcher 2 RedKit SDK Now Available, Let The Modding Begin! CD Projekt RED continues to do right by the gaming community and offers up the next generation of the RedKit.


Skullgirls Releases Skins, DLC On PSN You can check out some new skins for Skullgirls, which are now available on PSN.

Xbox Reveal Event Will Be Held in a Giant Tent Microsoft will unveil the next generation Xbox in a giant tent.

Twitch.Tv and Turtle Beach Join Forces in eSports One of the top providers of audio headset technologies has joined one of the fastest growing digital transmission eSports providers.

Nvidia’s Project Shield Launches This June For $350 I have no idea who on Earth would buy this and not just get another PC or…better yet, an old Android with a controller peripheral.

DUST 514 Launches For PS3 The free-to-play MMO has officially launched for Sony’s console. Too bad it’s not on PC.

RIFT Going Free to Play Trion World just couldn’t hold on and their MMO is now going the free-to-play route. Hope long time fans don’t abandon the cause because of this.

Payday 2 Too Large for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN The game is just way too big you’re for the current generation online services and will have to head to retail to maximize its potential. Definitely good news for fans of the first Payday.


Nvidia’s Tegra 4 Powers HP Slatebook X2, Due Out This August The latest Tegra 4 chip powers the Slatebook X2 hybrid laptop tablet.

Jagged Alliance Online Rolls Toward Steam Launch With the launch on Steam comes all sorts of new adjustments and changes to the game’s core mechanics.

Renaissance Heroes Now Available On Steam The 15th century MOFPS has launched on Steam.

Grim Dawn, Diablo 3′s Rival, Heads Into Alpha Testing A legitimately hardcore ARPG has launched its first phase of alpha testing.

Namco Says Dark Souls 2 Will Be Marketed Like A Massive AAA Title Oh no…this is not good…not good at all.

Sanctum 2 Now Available Made for PC and consoles. The game fuses first-person shooting with strategic tower defense gameplay.

Steam Trading Cards Now In Beta Get rewards for playing the games you enjoy playing.

Gran Turismo 6 Announced For PS3, Check out the First Screenshots, Trailer This is it, the next iteration of Gran Turismo…but it’s not a next-gen title. Sad


Atomic Ninjas Storm Onto PS3, PS Vita this Summer A new game planned for the PS3 and the PS Vita will arrive this summer.

Sonic Spin Dashes Onto Android Sega keeps that milk machine running at full speed at their publishing house with a new mobile game.

Frozen Synapse Stays Frosty With iPad Launch The game has found success on multiple platforms so it only makes sense to head to Apple’s mobile tablet.

GTA 5 Screenshots Commit Grand Theft Auto Rockstar finally shows some car thievery going on. Nice.

David Jaffe’s Next Game Is Autoduel A combat racing title with some indie devs…Jaffe takes it back old-school, 1991 shareware style.

Riot, Bleed, Game Dev Tycoon Greenlit for Steam Some of the coolest upcoming titles that were on Greenlight has been greenlit.

EA Kills Off Online Passes, You No Longer Have To Pay For Multiplayer This is a monumental step forward for EA. However, it’s best to hold your breath because it may be followed by bad news at some point.


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Uprising Launches For PS3, PC The next great DLC for Call of Duty has finally released on PS3 and PC.

Blackberry and EA join Forces For SimCity Deluxe, Plants Vs Zombies Classic titles from EA’s casual/social line-up make it onto Blackberry’s devices.

Hardcore RPG, Lords of Fallen Coming 2014 A throwback to the old-school way of playing RPGs is finally arriving and it’s a game worth checking out if you don’t like games that hand-hold you through the experience.

EA Has No Games In Development For Wii U Electronic Arts has acknowledged that they have no games in production for the Wii U.

Final Fantasy 8 HD Coming To PC Square is getting there…they’re getting there…now if only they can minus one.

Even Japanese Gamers Hate Disc Locked Content Well, is that a bit surprising or expected?


EA Employee Trashes Wii U, Says It’s Crap, An Awful Console Well, I don’t think you can say anything worse about the Wii U than what EA said.

Maple Story Celebrates Eight Years With Game Events and Free Goodies Some awesome goodies are up for grabs for Maple Story fans.

Elder Scrolls Online Exploration Video Confirms Lock-Picking, Fishing Some cool new features are put on display for the upcoming ESO MMO.

Killzone Mercenary Release Date Changed Why? Because GTA V will murder the crap out of this game if they released on the same day.

Skullgirls Adds Beowulf as Final Fan-Voted DLC The all-female roster gets a little support from a legendary male character.

All that sexy information up above needs to be complimented with something equally sexy in visual weight, so why not check out the trailer for World War Z: The Game? Well, so long as it’s not The War Z, I think we’re all good.


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