Weekly Recap Jan 23rd: Capcom’s New Game, Fallout MMO In 2012, Mass Effect 3

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The week ended with a few big surprises. One of those surprises comes in the form of the open beta being scheduled for the Fallout MMO, the only downside is that gamers will have to wait all the way up until 2012 to get in on the action. Mass Effect 3 is also on the way and BioWare even has a timeframe in mind for when gamers can expect to see it surface. Capcom also has a mystery game in the works for the Xbox 360. These stories and a whole bunch of new trailers for fan-favorite games and upcoming titles in this January 23rd edition of the Blend Games Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.











Army of Two: The 40th Day Review. Surprisingly, it’s not quite as original with its co-op mechanics.

More EA Sports MMA Fighter Announcements Coming This Month. In one of these upcoming recaps the details will be spilled.

http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Calling-All-Cars-Servers-Go-Off-line-Forever-22309.html>Calling All Cars Servers Go Off-Line…Forever. Cry more Jaffe?

5 Games I Wish I’d Played In 2009. Daniel Lipscombe from The Game Reviews lists some games he wish he would have played last year. Maybe next year Daniel…maybe next year.

Alan Wake Demo Unlikely. It makes sense, sort of. But you’ll have to click the link to find out why.










Hellgate Returning To North America And Europe. After a very, very long hiatus, one of the most original games ever made is finally coming back.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Released For iPhone And iPod Touch. Now Jack Thompson can explore Chinatown from the comfort of his iPhone.

Risen Coming To Xbox 360 In North America This February. Nope, no word on a PS3 version.

Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper Coming To Xbox 360 This March. Yet another PC/360 exclusive.

Mass Effect 2: N7 Dev Doc Video Discusses Galactic Travel. Venturing into the far reaches of space proves useful in the latest Mass Effect.

God of War 3 Screenshots: Battling on Gaia’s Back It’s one of the most anticipated games of 2010 and you get to see a few new screenshots of it in action.

Xbox Live Could Get ESPN. So instead of watching it because it’s available through your cable service, you can watch it because it’s available on XBL.











Rumor: No Half-Life In 2010. Really? Well, I’m sure there will be enough mods and other game using the Source Engine to make up for it.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 In Development EA is still keeping the series going. It takes a dog to know a dog, eh?

Dark Void Review. Ryan Rigney breaks down the good and the bad about Capcom’s latest.

100 Beta Keys Up For Grabs For Allods Online CBT No.4 The fourth (and hopefully final) closed beta is right around the corner and a few new beta keys are up for grabs.

High Ranking PGA Tour Golfers Coming To Shot-Online. A few brand-name golfers will be arriving next month for the game.

Mass Effect 2 Zaeed DLC Free Through Cerberus Network. All ready planning ahead with DLC? Look no further than Cerberus Network.

Modern Warfare 2 Patch Fixes Sentry Guns Care Packages. Yet another patch for another glitch.

Crackdown 2 Demo Confirmed. Play-testing the open-world action sequel is almost equivalent to waking up in the morning with a controller in your hand.

Get BioShock 2 Discount; Free BioShock From Steam. It’s a super-sale on all things BioShock.

Top 10 Best Selling Games Since 1995. NPD releases a chart that will probably blow the minds of forum-trolling fanboys.

Peter Jackson Wants To Make Original Games. How original? Think, movie-original but only for games…that’s how original.










The Saboteur’s Lost Level And Boss Fight Revealed. Find out what you’ll never get to play.

Sony Motion Controller Delayed To Fall 2010. Let the motion-controlled battles begin!

Halo: Reach Screenshots Released. No more scans, no more fuzzy trailer pics, just good ‘ole digital snapshots.

Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO Reveal Coming Soon. It’s finally coming…and gamers have probably been waiting for this since the original Xbox version.

BioShock 2 System Requirements; DRM Details Announced. Brand new details and system req info for the upcoming BS2.

Front Mission Evolve Heading To PS3 And Xbox 360 This Spring. A release date has been ironed out for this mech/shooter franchise.

Dynasty Warriors StrikeForce Momiji Screenshots. A few screenshots of a ninja who likes going commando.

How Long Is Modern Warfare 2 DLC An Xbox 360 Exclusive? It’s a question that has PS3 fans boggled in the mind.

SwitchGames Surpasses GameStop’s Used Game Offerings; Rivals eBay. They’re moving on up…no doubt.

Way of the Samurai 3 Will Launch With Bonus Content. An artbook and strategy guide, to be exact.

Aliens Vs Predator System Requirements Released. Hunter, prey, survivor…loser? Well, the last one might apply if you don’t have the proper hardware on hand before purchasing this game.

Halo 3 Mythic 2 Map Pack Gets Release Date For Xbox Live. New set of maps on the way for one of the most played console multiplayer titles.

Crysis 2 Setting Revealed: New York City. From the jungles to the concrete jungles…not much of a change except for the concrete.










More Borderlands DLC On The Way. Mad Moxxi and the Island of Dr. Zed already sitting on your backburner? Well, there is even moreDLC on the way.

Book of Eli Video Game Possible. A movie-based game possible? Well, that’s just plain shocking.

Why Same Fisher Voice Actor Turned Down Splinter Cell Conviction At First. Michael Ironside wasn’t entirely thrilled with Conviction’s story.

Mass Effect Won’t Be A Trilogy. It will be more than a trilogy…and then some.

TrackMania Wii First Set of Screenshots. And the game doesn’t look half bad to be on the Wii.

MMOTPS KillSkill To Enter Open Beta In February. It’s an isometric MMO 3D shooter. 1995 is proud.

Burnout Paradise Getting New DLC Bundle Prices. How much cheaper? Click the link to find out.

Metal Gear Solid PSP Bundle Announced. Get more than just the game with the newly announced bundle.

EVE Online Dominion Hangars Media Blowout. Long, boring, artistic…that pretty much sums up this media blowout.










Dragon Age Expansion Coming To Mac. After having a successful run on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC…the expansions will soon be arriving on Mac.

Third Borderlands DLC Raises Level Cap. It’s only fair.

L.A. Noire Reveal Next Month. After years of secrecy, Rockstar will finally reveal some stuff on the game.

Mass Effect 3 Is Two Years Away. Good gosh, we’ve yet to get our hands on Mass Effect 2…BioWare, slow down!

Assassin’s Creed II Battle of Forli Release Date Announced. A date has been perched for the newest DLC.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Single-Player Trailer Released; Campaign Length Revealed. Find out just how long you’ll be trudging at this game in the single-player portions.

Square Releases Artwork And Screenshots For Nier. Bloody new snapshots of the upcoming and strangely appealing RPG by Square.

No Modding Tools For R.U.S.E. Modders are probably crying a river over this news.

Mass Effect 2, MAG Midnight Launch Locations Announced By GameStop. Find out if a store near you will be partying at midnight.










BioSchock 2 DRM Reduced. Because as we all know, DRM really works when it comes to reducing piracy.

Red Dead Redemption Screenshots; Duck And Hide. It’s important for a gunslinger to duck and hide during a gunfight.

Fallout MMO Public Beta Launches In 2012. Such a long, long ways away.

Six Elements of Gamings Future: 2020 Vision. An interesting read from The Game Reviews.

Sonic Spinball: Rollercoaster A Hotel Room Officially Revealed. Sega…what are you thinking?

Critter Crunch Twitter Giveaway. There’s a game to be won via Twitter over at Platform Nation.

BackBreaker Gets Official Boxart. Find out how the Madden-killer looks over at StickSkills.


That wraps up this edition of the Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. Our final parting trailer comes in the form of Zero Point’s upcoming first-person shooter, Interstellar Marines. The trailer is an awesome look at the bullseye training room to help players get acquainted with the weaponry within the game. And if I must say so myself, this game looks amazing to be an indie title. You can check out the bullseye trailer below, courtesy of GameTrailers.










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