Weekly Recap Aug 17th: GTA 5 Multiplayer Video, Xbox One Delayed, Payday 2 Launches

A new video for the online portions of Grand Theft Auto V has set the gaming world ablaze. The Xbox One is delayed in eight countries, pushing back its grand release in some territories to 2014, and Payday 2 has launched, making it one of […]
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A new video for the online portions of Grand Theft Auto V has set the gaming world ablaze. The Xbox One is delayed in eight countries, pushing back its grand release in some territories to 2014, and Payday 2 has launched, making it one of the first indie titles to recover its entire budget and profit based on pre-orders alone. These stories and more in this August 17th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


7 Days To Die, The Novelist Approved By Steam Greenlight A list of cool new indies have landed on Steam thanks to the Greenlight.

Venus Rising MMO Dabbles In Interactive Sex 16 different positions of interactive digital awesomenes. Who’s in?

Splinter Cell Blacklist System Requirements Released As Game Goes Gold Ubisoft’s Blacklist has officially gone gold and you can find out if your PC is up to snuff for the game.

Half Life 3 Trailer Created By Fan To Torment You Well shucks, Valve has laid off on the trolling, so it’s up to the community to pick up the tab.

Sword N Board Brings Childhood RPG Adventures To Life On Kickstarter

Sir, You Are Being Hunted Pre-Order Alpha Test Starts August 19th Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s open-world survival game will open up to the public later in the month for those who buy into the pre-order campaign.

Omni Treadmill Pre-Orders Available At $499 For the price of an Xbox One you could own your own Omni Treadmill, one of the most advanced pieces of technology out there.


Kinect No Longer Mandatory For Xbox One Functionality

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Coming to Steam Namco is taking the plunge and expanding their PC portfolio.

Darkensang Expansion Heads To Dwarves’ Myrdosch Region Some new content arrives for the MMO.

Battlefield 4 Field Upgrades Reward Teamwork There’s nothing like finding ways to stomp out the lone-world mentality in a game that’s supposed to be about working as a team.

King of Fighters 13 Steam Edition Has Improved Netcode This is all that matters.

League of Legends American Express Debit Cards Announced A new debit card has arrived for LoL aficionados.

Wii U Problem Is A Lack of Software, Says Nintendo’s President Well, no duh, Iwata… no duh.

Hill Bill Launches For iPhone A game where you take a lovable hill billy and expand him across the nation as a stunt-going superstar.


StarCraft Universe MMO Lands on Kickstarter Now this sounds like the sort of thing that would make man-nerds fall on the floor and have a seizure.

WWE 2K14 WrestleMania Mode Announced Roster Reveal Coming Saturday

Chivalry Sells 1.2 Million Copies In 9 Months Very impressive. Torn Banner should be proud.

Why Warframe is So Badass It doesn’t require a lot of exposition but here it is anyway.

Rich Gus Like Playing Games on Xbox 360 Ladies, if you prefer rich men and Nintendo Wiis, you are sorely out of luck.

Payday 2 Launches One of the most highly anticipated non-AAA games of the year has finally launched and hopefully garners a strong following.

Giana Sisters Making The Jump To Wii U Nintendo scores yet another popular indie title for their platform.

GTA 5 Coming to PC This Fall Says Nvidia Oh, how trustworthy are they? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.


Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Sounds Better Than Expected With a collection of new modes, new features and new content, the team has done much more than simply copy and paste new content from the old games into a new shell.

Mad Catz Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Surround Sound Headset Now Shipping Mad Catz has announced that their latest headset has arrived for both PC and Mac users, opening up a mid-budget device with high quality.

Humble Origin Bundle Offers EA Games Collection They may be big, they may be bad but they’re not always evil.

Xbox One Delayed In Eight Countries Well, that didn’t take long. Despite trying to get things finalized for its fall outing, the console won’t be seeing the light of day in many of its planned launch territories.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Release Date Set Namco lays out the details after news spreads about the game arriving on Steam for PC.

Betrayer Looks To Community For Playtesting Through Steam Playtest one of the more unique games coming out for Steam.

Batman Arkham Origins Collector Edition Announced Only certain regions will get their hands on the collector’s edition, but it’s arriving nonetheless.


Vita Pets Brings Talking Dogs To Sony Handheld Taking a cue from Nintendogs, Sony goes the virtual pet route for the PS Vita.

Games Ship Buggy Because of Publishers, Says Brian Fargo Some uncensored words about the true horrors of game design from inXile’s Brian Fargo.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization Still Possible Not all hope is lost.

Forza 5 Limited Edition and Day One Edition Include Bonus Cars Pay extra for cars that used to be in previous Forza games but are now DLC in the newer Forza games.

Skylands, Krautscape Arrive on Steam Greenlight Two visually impressive 3D games arrive on Greenlight, including a 3D open-world flight game and a Mario Kart style racer.

Tropico 5 Rule Your Island For 200 Years The next chapter in the long-running, popular Tropico series expands with Tropico 5.

GTA 5 Online Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer While the trailer is already included in this Weekly Recap, it just seems necessary to be redundant in this case considering that the trailer really is amazing.


DirectX 11 Indie Game Candle Coming to Wii U The Wii U proves that its GPGPU is no slouch… yet again.

Payday 2 Safe House Customization Inbound, Mod Workshop Integration Possible The developers talk new modes, new mods and new features for Payday 2, along with new DLC.

Orion Dino Horde Free For An Entire Week On Steam For an entire week you’ll be able to play Orion: Dino Horde for free.

Dragon’s Crown First Impressions Gaming Blend’s Ryan Winslett runs through some of the basic impressions and his first playthrough of the highly artistic and equally controversial beat ‘em up title.

Games For Windows Marketplace Closes This is it folks… say your goodbyes and yell out your good riddance.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Classes Detailed By DICE DICE rolls out some details of the various character classes and abilities in the upcoming FPS, Battlefield 4.


Splinter Cell Blacklist Headlines Nintendo’s Weekly Recleases If you didn’t know it was coming, you know now.

Horror Game Amnesia: Machine For Pigs Launching In September Frictional Games sets a release window in stone for one of the most highly anticipated horror games around.

Thief 4 Release Date Announced With New Trailer Eidos’ latest first-person stealth title has its release date set in stone via a new trailer.

Sony Viacom Ink Television Streaming Deal For PS4

Payday 2 Co-op Review Co-Optimus rolls out a spiffy new review of Overkill’s latest heist title. Find out how the numbers and criticisms fall into place for the new shooter.

Guild Wars 2 Is The Fastest Selling MMO Ever Not WoW or Rift or Everquest, but Guild Wars 2.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. As mentioned early on, the spotlighted trailer for this week hands-down goes to Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer reveal. It’s impeccably amazing. Just check it out below and enjoy.


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