Weekly Recap Aug 24th: PS4 Launch Date Set, Xbox One Launch Titles Set, DayZ Delayed

Well folks, Sony went and said they would do what they promised they would do and they unveiled the official release date for the PlayStation 4… November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe. Microsoft countered by rolling out the official launch day […]
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Well folks, Sony went and said they would do what they promised they would do and they unveiled the official release date for the PlayStation 4… November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe. Microsoft countered by rolling out the official launch day line-up for the Xbox One. And unfortunately, everyone’s favorite Rocket man has announced that the DayZ standalone has been delayed. These stories and more in this August 24th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


76% of German Gamers Play on PCs, 43% Play On Consoles Obviously, Germans prefer being a part of the PC Master Race.

Dragonfly Escape From Deneb IV Concept Trailer Basks in All Things Tech Noir It’s a strange game with a unique sense of tech-noir, but the art-style is definitely worth checking out.

Razer Tartarus Combines The Best of Analog and Keyboard Controls A very affordable and cost effective controller releases in North America and Europe.

Payday 2 Impressions: AI That Gets It Right They’re hard… very hard… and sometimes smart.

Killzone Mercenary Opens To PS Plus Hop into the beta right now.

Batman Arkham Origins Firefly Reveal Incoming The fire-totting bad guy will be revealed for Arkham Origins soon.

WWE 2K14 Roster Announced In Wrestlemania Mode Find out who will be in the latest 2K14 release of WWE’s annual sports title.


Hearthstone Beta Launches Find out how to get in on the beta for the new Hearthstone game from Blizzard.

WWE 2K14 Adds First Openly Gay Superstar Darren Young The first openly gay wrestler has joined the WWE 2K14 roster.

GTA 5 Achievements Mention Spaceships, Nuclear Waste **Warning** obvious spoilers are ahead. Click at your own risk!

Walking Dead Shambles Onto Vita The game is part of the PS Vita’s Summer Select.

Microsoft Shutting Down GFWL July 1st, 2014… This is Why People Fear For Xbox One Despite the service shutting down you run into the obvious problem and see that your games now have a finite lifespan on them.

Awesomenauts Starstorm Expansion Heads to Kickstarter The developers are looking to branch out the game with additional premium DLC and they’re hoping to get funded via Kickstarter.

Windows 8 Banned From Benchmark Tests, Possible Reason why it wasn’t used at E3 Benchmark testers scrap testing on Windows 8 due to a problem with the OS’s RTC.

Candle Finishes Kickstarter Heads To Greenlight Now that the game is fully funded the team now needs a little help to get greenlit.

Batman Arkham Origins Ditches GFWL For Steamworks Thank you Rocksteady… thank you.


Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD Announced After successfully making waves on handheld devices, Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate will make its way to the home consoles.

PS4 Launch Window Includes 34 Games It’s an amazing line-up of big, small and medium sized games aimed at just about every demographic of gamer.

War Thunder Brings MMO Battle To PS4 Launch Yet another game joining the exclusive line-up of titles of the PS4.

Watch The Xbox One GamesCom 2013 Conference Microsoft Didn’t Want You To See Here it is folks… the Xbox One press conference they didn’t want you to see.

EA Does Something Right: Origin Offers 24-Hour Refund Option You screwed up buying that digital game? No problem… get a refund.

Shadow of the Beast Announced as PS4 Exclusive This kind of came out of nowhere. Not really sure why they resurrected it but I’m not complaining.

PS4 Has A Million Pre-Orders Worldwide More than any previous console that has launched.

Minecraft and Loads of Indies Headed To PS4, PS3, PS Vita Sony dropped some major bombs during their GamesCom 2013 conference, including tons of indie titles.

Xbox One Release Day Games Include Fighter Within, Dead Rising 3 Microsoft’s full line-up includes a few exclusives you didn’t even know were coming.

Fable Legends Announced For Xbox One, See The First Trailer Screenshots Now


PS4 Release Date Set For November 15th The official release date has been set for the PS4.

Starbound Coming to PS4, PS Vita One of the most highly anticipated games coming out will be available on Sony’s platforms.

LittleBigPlanet Hub Is Free-to-Play on PS3 A new F2P title from Sony for their LBP brand could prove to be a risky venture.

How To Get Your Game Media Coverage A how-to guide for indie game developers trying to market their title.

Razer Unveils 7.1 USB Headset The Kraken A new high-end surround sound headset has been announced by Razer.

Payday 2 Impressions: Perfect Heist Is Better Than Sex Well, I mean… it is.

Sound Blaster Tactic3D Fury Headset Announced A new headset from Creative Labs comes at a very moderate price.

Your Friend, Game Developer X A satirical piece about the ins and outs of developing a relationship with the gaming community.

Roblox Continues To Expand With 13.4 Billion Pageviews in 2013 The thing has just grown astronomically huge.

Ouya Advertisement Is A Gory Vomit Covered Mess Well, it won’t be winning any cleanliness, wholesome entertainment awards.


Mad Max Gets New Gameplay Details The next gen title finally receives a few extra gameplay details.

XCOM Enemy Within Expansion Pack Coming This Fall The next expansion for the revitalized XCOM franchise arrives this fall.

Elder Scrolls Online Requires Monthly Subscription So how much are you willing to pay for an ESO game?

Monochroma Hits Kickstarter Goal, Coming to PC, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One The indie game that could will also be arriving for home consoles later this year as well.

DayZ Standalone Delayed Due to Server Infrastructure Problems Well, they’ll get it ironed out soon enough.

EA Humble Origin Bundle Adds Red Alert 3 Uprising Populous Check out a couple of extra games in EA’s Humble Origin Bundle while supplies last.

Fran Bow Pushes The Limits of Horror, While Aarus Awakening Sports Award Worthy Animation Both games are worth a look and are two worthwhile titles that give the indie genre both its edge and creative spark of distinct originality.

Dark Souls 2 Beta Is A PS3 Exclusive Sign Up Details Coming Soon Namco Bandai wants to iron out the multiplayer details before the game officially launches and you’re invited.

World of Warcraft Might go Free-to-Play Says Blizzard It might… doesn’t mean that it will. You probably could hold your breath, though. Want me to count?


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Offers Tag Mode and Loads of Costumes Team Ninja has a bunch of goodies detailed and unveiled for the new fighter.

Altitude0: Lower & Faster Brings High-Speed Flight To PC It’s a racing game with a ton of spunk.

Flame Over Heats Up PS Vita In Early 2014 An interesting new title is arriving for Sony’s handheld portable.

Ubisoft Experiments With Arab Culture Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any Arab lead protagonists on the cover of any AAA titles any time soon. Sad.

EA Could Make Games For Wii U In The Future They’re not quite done burying the hatchet, though.

Overkill Talks Making Payday 2 Find out what went into one of the more well awaited titles of this generation.

Farming Simulator Console Release Date Confirmed Believe it or not, this game is getting the royalty treatment and a release date on consoles has been confirmed.


The Wonderful 101 Would’ve Featured Tons of Nintendo Icons A slight change of plans turned it into the Power Rangers round-up that it is.

Capcom’s TGS 2013 Site Is Live The Tokyo Game Show is next and Capcom is ready.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Let’s Steal Some Cash A co-op run-through of Payday 2.

Grand Theft Auto V Leaked, Look Out For Spoilers Hackers have gained access to the game well before the launch.

New GTA 5 Screenshots Revealed, Golf, Yoga and Tattoos Detailed Check out some brand new images for one of the most anticipated games next to Call of Duty: Ghost Dogs.

Skullgirls Now Available On Steam It didn’t take too long but the fighting game that made waves on XBLA is now available on PC.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You want to see a cool trailer? Check out a hands-on trailer for the Xbox One’s controller.


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