Weekly Recap Sept 28th: Steam Machines Announced, Mobile Gaming Fail, Legacy Of Kain MMO

Valve has announced that the Steam Machine is the Steam Box and that the hardware landscape will change in a drastic way beginning 2014. The mobile gaming arena has long since been the talk of the town, but developers aren’t all buying into it the […]
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Valve has announced that the Steam Machine is the Steam Box and that the hardware landscape will change in a drastic way beginning 2014. The mobile gaming arena has long since been the talk of the town, but developers aren’t all buying into it the way some have said. The dream is fading and fading fast. Also, a Legacy of Kain-themed MMO called Nosgoth is on the way for gamers looking for some free-to-play action. These stories and more in this September 28th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


AiRace Speed Review How well does the fast-flying racer for the Nintendo 3DS hold up? Check out Ryan’s full review.

Hyper Light Drifter Everworld Island Land On Steam’s Greenlight Several really cool games make an appearance on Steam’s Greenlight.

GOG Celebrates Birthday With Free Game Discounts A free game and additional game discounts. Could you possibly ask for anything more?

Beyond: Two Souls Cost $27 Million to Develop Opposite GTA V’s massive $265 million dollar budget, David Cage and crew managed to churn out Beyond for barely a fraction of the cost.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Operation Bravo Goes Live More content has been released to the public to celebrate the modding community.

Fighter Attitude Adds New Content The developer has also registered to become a Nintendo Wii U developer.

Japan Surpasses America In Mobile Game Spending Startling stats on how despite having fewer mobile phones, Japanese spend more money on apps for their phones.


State of Decay PC Version Now On Steam Early Access You can buy into the new game right now.

Horizon Enters Beta on Steam’s Early Access The alph stage is complete and now it’s time for gamers who paid for the game to start beta testing.

Ultimate Naruto Launches Free-to-Play MMO Namco Bandai goes the free-to-play route with the latest Ultimate Naruto.

GTA 5 PS3 XML Data Reveals DirectX 11 Data, Alternative Consoles For PC This thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s now evident that GTA V is coming for PC and potentially next-gen.

SteamOS Announced, Is Free and Allows Remote Streaming Move over Windows, there’s a new sheriff in town.

GTA 5 Vehicle Bug Confirmed By Rockstar, Patch Incoming Rockstar is working on fixing a vehicle bug where your very expensive car keeps disappearing.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Achievements Listed Check out the list of achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Square’s upcoming Lightning Returns.

PlayStation Network: Spend $50 next month and get $10 back. This is a great deal for anyone planning on buying a bundle of games this holiday season.

Batman Arkham Origins Packing Knightfall Content for PS3 The PS3 finally gets some exclusive content for a multiplatform game.

Devs Head Back to PC, Console After Realizing Mobile Gaming Sucks Devs find out the grass isn’t greener on the otherside and decide to backtrack to where real gamers reside.

GTA 5 iFruit Patch Released Rockstar updates the iFruit app to fix some of the terrible connectivity issues.

Blackberry Giving Away Free SteelSeries, MOGA Pro Controllers If you’re a dev making games on a Blackberry, once you add controller support Blackberry will send you a free controller pack.

Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass Includes Six DLC Packs Tons of DLC will be on the way for those who purchase the season pass for Shadow Fall.

Diablo, World of Warcraft Get Flagged For Being Addictive Have you given up some part of your everyday, waking social life to drench yourself in the confines of a digital entertainment space? Well, you might be addicted to video games.


DOTA 2 Beats League of Legends as Most Played Game of August After months of battling, DOTA 2 finally comes out on top.

GTA 5 Soundtrack Hits iTunes Grab a listen to all the awesome tunes that have been collected and added to the game.

GTA Online Microtransactions Spotted in XML Data File More hidden secrets uncovered in GTA’s files. Good going hackers!

EA Says Mr. Nintendo Falling Down On The Job, Apple Has Taken Over EA takes a shot at Nintendo. Shots fired… shots fired.

Guns of Icarus Online Gets Cheaper, Adds Content Some brand new content arrives for Guns of Icarus along with a price drop.

Rockstar Confirms GTA 5 Microtransactions, Rolls Out More Multiplayer Details Well, the microtransactions are now official.

AMD Announces Radeon R9 290X AMD is finally aiming to beat Nvidia in the GPU race for the biggest, baddest GPU around.

Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Offers Punch Quest, Carmageddon A lot of mobile games get the humble indie treatment.

Thief DLC Lets You Rob A Bank A special pre-order DLC mission is available for those looking for a little more meat out of their pre-purchases.

Legacy of Kain is Back, Kind Of …as a free-to-play MMO. Want to take bets on how long it’ll last?

GTA 5 Online Microtransactions Priced The in-game cash shop goods have been detailed as well.

Steam Machines Officially Announced Valve is also seeking beta testers for the new PC-style consoles.


South Park Stick of Truth Release Date Announced Find out exactly when the game will launch as well as a Grand Wizard Edition for those who pre-order.

Orc Attack Brings Flatulent Rebellion to PSN, XBLA Oct 9th The sequel to Orc Attack will arrive in two weeks for home consoles.

Last of Us Alternate Ending Isn’t What You’d Expect It definitely takes you by surprise.

Nintendo 3DS Outsells Lifetime Wii Sales In Japan This is great news for the Big ‘N’ as they’ve been moving onward and upward in the world.

Why The Vita Has Become My Indie Platform of Choice Gaming Blend’s Ryan Winslett lays down the law as to why the PS Vita is in love with him and why he loves his Vita.

Joe Danger Games Bundle Coming To Retail In October A bundle pack of the popular stunt games will arrive at your local retailer this fall.

PS4 Giveaway Announced by Taco Bell A giveaway that many people feel reeks of BS… but hey, it’s a free PS4, right?

Batman Arkham Origins DLC Season Pass Includes Campaign Skins


RuneScape Combats Gold Farming With Introduction of Bonds Now here’s a way to get rid of the gold farmers… I think?

AMD Says R9 290X Will Ridicule Nvidia’s Titan in Performance Oh of course it will, all with the help of the Mantle wrapper.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 DLC Apocalypse Arrives for PS3, PC Activision releases the latest bit of DLC for CoD on the PS3 and PC.

Shadowrun Returns Released on iOS, Android Devices After a successful Kickstarter run and a Steam launch the game has now made its way to mobile devices.

Injustice Gods Among Us GOTY Edition Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and PS Vita Warner Bros has plans to release the GOTY edition of the fighting game for next-gen consoles and PC.

Crytek Downgrades Ryse Graphics On Xbox One All that awesome E3 footage? That’s not how the game will look when the game launches this fall.

Rune Factory 4, Etrian Odyssey Bring RPG Goodness To Nintendo Update

Edge of Eternity Rekindles Glory Days of PSX JRPGs It needs a little help on Kickstarter and Greenlight but it could get there.

Valve Announces Steam Controller The controller to accompany the SteamOS and Steam Machines has officially been announced


GTA V invades New York Film Festival Rockstar Games bridges the gap between games and movies by showcasing GTA V at the NY Film Festival.

Mighty No. 9 Gets Details As Kickstarter Nears End. More details roll out for the Mighty No. 9.

Paradox Interactive New Games Run Natively on SteamOS All of the company’s newer titles will run natively on SteamOS.

Hearthstone Beta Wipe Incoming The characters will be wiped following the finish up of beta.

Xbox Fitness Announced For Xbox One A brand new casual fitness game that’s not really a game has been announced for Microsoft’s new console.

Valhalla Knights 3 Serving Time on Vita on October 15th The official release date has been set for the RPG on the PS Vita.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out an extended look at the upcoming horror-survival game, The Evil Within with the video below.


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