Weekly Recap Oct 5th: Mighty No. 9 Kickstarted, Destiny Beta Details, Steam Machine Specs

The week ended with some pretty big news, including Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 meeting and surpassing its Kickstarter goal with flying colors. The game is scheduled to arrive for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC. Destiny also has some beta details […]
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The week ended with some pretty big news, including Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 meeting and surpassing its Kickstarter goal with flying colors. The game is scheduled to arrive for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC. Destiny also has some beta details so you can sign up and play and Valve rolled out details on the Steam Machine prototypes and they’re a heck of a lot more powerful than you may have thought. These stories and more in this October 5th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


PS4 Chosen Over Xbox One As Preferred Console For Holiday Shoppers

EA’s Frostbite 3 Games and Activision’s PC Titles Will Support Mantle API Both the big AAA companies will be supporting the Mantle API, which spells great news for high-end games running on non-Windows systems.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Brings Back Role-Playing to MMOs Finally!… the role-playing has come BACK, to MMOOOooos.

Battlefield 4 Beta Preloading Begins Load it up and start it up early before everyone else and their mama gets on board.

Shadow of the Eternals Put on Hold This poor game can’t just seem to catch a break these days.

Pokemon Music Video Combines Violin, Pikachu and Wub-Wub We could all use a little more wub-wub in our lives.

Real Boxing Review: A Solid Contender How well does the transformation from a mobile device to a dedicated handheld workout? Quite well, actually.

Apex Series 2014 Registration Is Open: Features Pokemon X, Y, Skullgirls Some big games will be on display at the Apex Series 2014 open and everyone is invited.

Dead Rising 3 Canned For Xbox 360, Will Be An Xbox One Exclusive No sense holding out on this one arriving for the 360… it’s an Xbone exclusive.


Crytek Says Ryse Looks Better On Xbox One Than it Did At E3 Well that’s a tall order of postulation right there. We’ll see if Crytek can live up to their word this fall.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Modes, Maps Revealed EA rolls out additional details on the modes and maps being made available for the first-person shooter.

Watch Dogs Runs at 30fps on Xbox One and PS4 720p, 30fps… get used to it.

EA Cancels College Football 2015 Find out what went down and why.

Megan Fox’s Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora Has Been Kickstarted The indie title that could really did. That’s all there is to it.

GTA V is too Graphic and Violent? I don’t know, what do you think?

Halo 3, Might & Magic Are October’s Games With Gold Xbox Live Gold members will have these titles to play throughout the month.

Ancient Summoner Free Cash Shop Promotion Giveaway The free-to-play MMO has some free cash shop items they’d like you to have.

Titanfall Eurogamer Demo Ran on GTX 770 PCs, 60fps Respawn comes clean without any fuss whatsoever.

Killzone Shadow Fall Digital Download is 50GB for PS4 In plain English: The average American will be downloading this game all week long.


Marvel Heroes Update Adds Luke Cage, New Missions The game has been updated with a ton of new content.

Rockstar Updates Agent Trademark… For PS4? It’s possible, it could happen… maybe.

Nighthawk Netagear Gaming Router Now Available A new gaming router ready for next-gen has gone live.

Neverwinter Server Merge Incoming Additional servers will be merged for the MMO Neverwinter.

Taxi Journey Brings French-Inspired Animation Adventure to Kickstarter Lexis Numerique needs your help, though.

GTA 5 Online Patch Adds, Removes Bugs One down and two up.

Star Citizen Hits $20 Million in Crowd Funding, Adds Planetary FPS Combat The largest indie project ever assembled has become even bigger yet.

Killing Floor Devs Upcoming Game Natively Supports SteamOS This is great news for Valve and their new OS.


Destiny Beta: Sign Up Here Find out how to get a key and how to register.

iMotion 3D Motion Controller Opens Up Gaming Possibilities Another Kickstarter for an emergent disruptive controller has emerged and it needs a little help getting to its goal.

Mighty No. 9 Crowdfunding Ends At More Than 4 Million Keiji Inafune still has it. Bring man, we’re all rooting for you!

Multiplayer Survival Horror Game Contagion Reaches Kickstarter Goal Based on Zombie Panic: Source, Contagion has managed to hit its goal.

Xbox One and PS4? Nope, Americans Like Gaming On Browsers Now you probably didn’t see this coming.

Beyond Two Souls Has Leaked To Torrents The PS3 exclusive wasn’t immune to the harsh realities brought forth by pirates.

Xi3 Piston Is Not A Steam Machine, But It Is A PC Game Console Xi3 certainly won’t win any friends with a setup like this.

Hyper Light Drifter Could Arrive For Wii U, Games Gun For Gold It’s just within reach and gamers are aiming to make it a reality.


Guided by Fate Brings SRPG Roguelike to PS3 November 5th A new title arrives for Sony’s platform next month, continuing to push the boundaries.

GameStop Hiring 17,000 Employees For PS4, Xbox One Launch You can’t say the next-gen isn’t good for the economy.

List Of Games Switching From GFWL To Steamworks That abomination known as GFWL may not get the last laugh on every game that opted to use its terri-bad DRM.

Rune Factory 4 Review A Bountiful Harvest Ryan Winslett gives a detailed review of the new Rune Factory 4.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello Discusses Using Kinect To Advertise On Xbox One Some truths, some half-truths and some false-truths… you decide what Penello dishes out regarding the Kinect and Xbox One.

Age of Wushu, Hyper Light Drifter and 30 Other Games Greenlit on Steam Some highly anticipated titles that a lot of people have been looking forward to have been Greenlit on Steam.

League of Legends 2013 World Championship Inspires Anime Trailer You have got to check out this anime-made trailer for the League of Legends 2013 World Championship bouts.

Massive Payday 2 Update Turns Bulldozers Into Beasts If you thought these bad boys were bad before, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The Cave Released on iOS The Double Fine title makes its way to the iOS… will it find success there? Who knows.

Terraria 2 Announced And it’s bringing infinite worlds with it.


Diablo 3 Console Item Duping: Blizzard Doesn’t Care and Neither Should you Now if only we could have this kind of freedom in the PC space?

GTA 5 Online Microtransactions Removed, Rockstar Fixes Bugs Rockstar had to take away their money pit for a while to iron out some of the game’s ridiculously terri-bad bugs. But don’t worry, the money pit will return… oh, it shall return.

PlayStation App Detailed, Launches With PS4 Find out what the PS App has to offer for the PS4 and what it’ll feature.

Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt Is $100,000, Other Prizes up For Grabs Gearbox is still using their good bits of fame to give back to the community.

Sony Will Support PS3 Several Years After PS4′s Launch The PS3 won’t be abandoned by Sony the way Microsoft abandoned the first Xbox.

Steam Machine Prototype Specs Announced by Valve Find out what the prototypes will be rocking and what you’ll be able to get your hands on.

Microsoft Wasn’t Aware That The Xbone Could Come From Xbox One It’s an amazing thing… being aware of your market.

SimCity Offline Mode and Mods Under Consideration Maxis isn’t completely totalitarian… they’re willing to be reasonable.


Hands-On Impressions With The Xbox One Find out how the Xbox One actually handles thanks to hands-on impressions from Co-Optimus.

Beyond Two Souls Preview: Uniquely Familiar It’s not all new experiences and originality when it comes to Beyond but it’s not all bad, either.

Electronic Theatre Preview: Yaiba Ninja Gaiden A preview for the new Team Ninja title, Yaiba Ninja Gaiden.

PlayStation 4′s DualShock 4 Will Work Just Fine on the PC For Basic Functions It won’t support Xinput but it’s good enough to work on PC nonetheless.

Checking Out Grand Theft Auto Online Find out what the pros and cons are of Rockstar’s Online component for GTA Online.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. You can check out some fresh new footage of the beta of Battlefield 4 in action below. Enjoy.


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