Weekly Recap Oct 12th: Steam Machine For $550, Sleeping Dogs Sequel, Wii U Amps Up

The Steam Machine takes over the conversation for the week following up on Valve’s announcement of their attempt to take over living room entertainment in 2014. United Front Games also announced the official sequel to Sleeping Dogs called Triad Wars and the Wii U continues […]
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The Steam Machine takes over the conversation for the week following up on Valve’s announcement of their attempt to take over living room entertainment in 2014. United Front Games also announced the official sequel to Sleeping Dogs called Triad Wars and the Wii U continues to ramp up its prestige with confirmed 2014 titles such as Fighter Attitude and Hyper Light Drifter. These stories and more in this October 12th, 2014 Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Project CARS Wii U Features High-End PC Graphics Many of the same high-end PC graphical features will make the leap over to the Wii U.

Build A High-End Steam Machine For Only $550 No need to thank us for this… just build… build like it was the industrial age!

Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions: Meh Gaming Blend’s Ryan Winslett isn’t all that impressed with his time with Battlefield 4 so far.

Space Opera RTSRPG Mandate Now On Kickstarter An interesting new RTSRPG has found its way onto Kickstarter.

Minecraft Battle Beasts Skin Pack 2 Announced For Xbox 360 They’re still updating and pumping out new content for Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

Steam Machiens Destroy Xbox One and PS4 in Pricing and Specs Yes, it’s true… it’s true.


State of Decay Sells 1 Million The game isn’t even finished yet but it’s already moved a million units.

League of Legends World Championship 2013: SKT Beats Royal Club One of the biggest matches in eSports history wraps up with SKT taking home the championship prize.

Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart and More Join Nintendo’s Monthly Club Rewards Nintendo is rewarding members just for sticking by the Big ‘N’.

Valve Announces Third Annual Saxxy Awards The third-annual Saxxy awards brings all manner of bright and artistic flavors of digital short films to life. Keep an eye out on some standout films.

Sleeping Dogs: Next Game Called Triad Wars United Front Games is back at work pumping out a new title in the Sleeping Dogs franchise.

Watch Dogs Video Shows Off Legit Stealth The video also contains some swimming and some boats in action, doing what they do best.

Would You Buy GTA V For PC, Xbox One or PS4? When the game finally arrives for higher end systems, which one would you buy the game for?

GTA V Online Players Still Losing Progress Oh boy, Rockstar you need to fix this fast or else people will just keep sitting on their hands waiting for the definitive version to drop.

Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Officially Announced, Xbox One and Wii U Versions Are MIA Warner Bros., cuts their losses and bails on an Xbox and Wii U rendition of the fighter.


Pokemon: Why I’m Finally Going To Play Gaming Blend’s Ryan Winslett talks about his experience with finally playing Pokemon.

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Coming to Steam Tecmo Koei has built up the intestinal fortitude to launch the game on Steam… for PC.

Square Enix Takes Kickstarter Route With Collective They’ve dabbled in cloud-based gaming and now they’re trying their hand at crowd-funding. Oh Square…

Dungeon Defenders 2 Won’t Be A League of Legends Clone This is good news… very good news.

Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2013 Celebration Some primetime content is coming to Guild Wars 2 to celebrate Halloween.

State of Decay Breakdown DLC Coming in OctoberUndead Labs is working on some solid DLC for the game and it’ll be out before the month is finished. Then maybe they can get back to work on the PC version.

Killzone Mercenary Interview: Scoring Music For ISA and Helghast We chat it up with Walter Mair about the task of composing the soundtrack to Killzone Mercenary.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry DLC Detailed Some additional DLC is coming to the game that hasn’t even launched yet.

Tomb Raider Makes Trip To Mac Later on in the year, of course.

StarCraft’s Robert Clotworth Supports DAGERS This is all in an attempt to help bolster awareness for the Super Bowl XLVIII ad contest.

League of Legends Get Jinxed in New Music Video Riot unleashes a new video to help promote the latest hero to join the ranks of LoL.

Battlefield 4 Beta Adds Obliteration Mode A brand new mode arrives for the beta test of the prime-time shooter.

Soul Sacrifice Gets Missions With Update 1.30 The latest bit of content arrives for the PS Vita game.

Star Wars Republic Galactic Starfighter Expansion Adds Massive Space Battles New content has arrived for SW:TOR to keep it from sinking like the Tortanic it was last year.

Microsoft’ Albert Penello Hopes They Never Use Xbox One’s Kinect for Advertising Well, no crap Sherlock, we’re all hoping the same thing.


Fighter Attitude Aims to be Wii U’s First Gesture-Based Fighting Game Using the Gamepad to bring a new kind of fighting system to the Wii U, Fighter Attitude is the first game to make use of the Gamepad in a brand new way.

Sexy Game Avatars Lead Females To Believe Rape Myths, Says Researchers This is probably one of the most misogynistic research studies ever.

Nintendo 2DS Launches Today is the day that allows you get your hands on the 2DS.

GTA V Mods Have Begun Rockstar, the community has spoken… even without the PC version GTA V is still being modded.

Saints Row 4: Enter the Dominatrix DLC Launching This Month The DLC that was supposed to be the original Saints Row 4 that’s now going to be its own DLC.

Arma 3 Survive DLC Launches This Halloween A cool spooktacular bit of DLC from Bohemia for Arma 3.

Toys “R” Us Pulls Controversial Xbox One Video A video gets some controversial feedback on a video highlighting hot holiday topics.


GTA V Online Patch Fixes Character Progress No more losing your character. Rockstar offers an additional patch to fix some more of the game’s online bugs.

Star Wars Pinball Gets Darth Vader Table Two additional tables are on the way next week, as well.

Sonic Lost World Runs at 1080p 60fps on Wii U It’s upscaled but it’s still chugging along like a real trooper.

Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition Gets Some Details Alternatively, you could skip the details and go straight to buying the game on Steam right now.

Reborn Bridges Feudal Japan With Cyberpunk Lore The ARPG goes out on a limb to finally make the game we’re all hoping this turns out to be.

PS4 Vs Steam Machine: Which One Are You Saving For? You might only have enough to buy one this holiday season, so which one will it be?

Hyper Light Drifter Hits Stretch Goal This means that the game is officially destined to arrive on Nintendo’s Wii U.

Viscera Cleanup Detail Lets You Clean Up Lo Wang’s Mess All that gib and blood from Shadow Warrior? Well yeah, you get to clean it up.

Pokemon X And Y Hits Nintendo Consoles This Week One of the biggest games of the season is now launching.


League of Legends Limited Edition Skins Coming Back Additional skins are on the way for LoL, if you’re into that sort of thing.

GTA 5′s Online Sees Rockstar Giving Out Free Cash As a thank you and “I’m sorry” to players, Rockstar is handing out free digital cash to anyone who plays the game.

Skylanders SWAP Force Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One If you were curious about whether or not you wanted to get Skylanders for the Xbox One or PS4, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Frictional Games Looking Into Bringing Amnesia To The PS4

Half Life: Raise The Bar Is A Great Fan-Made Film It’s based on the original and brings a lot of great flair to Valve’s FPS masterpiece.

That wraps up this edition of the Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. You can check out a new video of the Steam Controller in action. It’s well worth a look. Enjoy.

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