Weekly Recap Oct 26th: Sims 4 Delayed, Beyond Two Souls Nudity, DayZ Early Access

Lots of controversy erupted this week, ranging from the delayed embargo for Batman: Arkham Origins to a copyright block on a review to curb negative public opinion on a game, things got downright nasty in the gaming industry. Sony also came under fire when nude […]
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Lots of controversy erupted this week, ranging from the delayed embargo for Batman: Arkham Origins to a copyright block on a review to curb negative public opinion on a game, things got downright nasty in the gaming industry. Sony also came under fire when nude photos from Ellen Page’s character from Beyond: Two Souls put the internet on fire. Things lightened up, though, when it was found out that DayZ has been added to Steam’s database and pegged for early access. These stories and more in this October 26th edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Developers Try Legally Blocking Negative Criticism of Day One: Garry’s Incident A scary incident occurs where criticism and critiques are culpable of being blocked by the content creator.

Watch Dogs Was Delayed Due To Stiff Holiday Competition, Says Pachter According to analyst Michael Pachter Watch Dogs isn’t delayed due to polish but because of the crowded holiday line-up.

Xbox One Dev Claims They Have Just As Many Pre-Orders As PS4 Yeah sure… so how about we see them numbers?

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Level 30 Impressions Find out what it’s like living in the high-level life of Square’s MMO.

Endless Space Adds Free Search Auriga Expansion In November

Happy Wars Celebrates First Year With Big Announcement Excellent news for fans of XBLA’s Happy Wars.

Scale Lets You Shrink and Enlarge The World A new game lets players manipulate the size of the world, similar to Garry’s Mod and his tool gun.


Myst Creators Announce Obduction After a long hiatus, the creators of Myst are back with a brand new title.

Pokemon X & Y Bug Corrupts Saves, Here How To Avoid It

Resogun Shaping Up To Be A Blast on PS4 An indie with a lot of promise is showing a lot of promise as a launch title for the PS4.

Sony Tries To Stop Nude Images From Beyond: Two Souls From Spreading Online Well, this turned ugly fast, didn’t it?

Copyright Block Removed From TotalBiscuit’s Day One: Garry’s Incident Review Wild Game Studios does the right thing and removes the block on the review that is both scathing and accurate.

Titanfall On PS4? Major Nelson Responds What he says is both telling and not very telling at all.

DotA 2 Mod Helps Arachnophobes Tolerate Broodmother Modders changed the spider into something a little less threatening and a little more debonair.

APB Reloaded Upgrading to Unreal Engine 3.5 Reloaded Productions is upgrading APB Reloaded and putting it in direct competition against Rockstar’s GTA Online. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

WWE 2K14 DLC Details Prices Announced Check out how much the game will cost with all the additional DLC and what DLC they have planned for the game.


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Legendary Item Designed By Fans You like Diablo? You like legendary items? Well, be one of the first to help Blizzard design the next legendary item for the game.

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Headline Weekly PSN Update Warner Bros’ latest Batman title is primed and prepped for release on PSN.

Crytek Launches Warface The free-to-play shooter from Crytek has finally launched. Get in on the action while the action is good.

Borderlands 2 Bloody Harvest DLC Celebrates Halloween Gearbox has some more DLC inbound for Borderlands 2, despite the GOTY edition being available.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough Guide Find out where the secrets are, learn how to unlock your favorite heroes and check out the game in action with a series of walkthrough videos.

GOG.com Offers Refunds To Gamers Dissatisfied With Dark Matter’s Ending This was a big move by GOG.com, because they didn’t have to do this, but they did.

Sims 4 Delayed, Sims 3 Future Now Available Electronic Arts delays Sims 4 while also launching a new expansion pack for The Sims 3. Hurray?

Battlefield 4 Vs Call of Duty: Ghosts Which game are planning on getting this holiday season?

Titanfall Release Date Set For March Respawn and EA also roll out details on the collector’s edition of the game which has a rather fancy schmancy price of $250.


PS4 Cross Game Party Chat Supports Up to 8 Players Curious how many friends you’ll be able to entertain in cross-game chat? Well, now you know.

Magrunner Dark Pulse Hits PSN Today For $10 Bucks After a long development cycle and a couple of crowd-funding routines, Magrunner has finally landed on PS3.

Hotline Miami Hits PlayStation Plus Alongside Sale of the Dead Discounts Get in on the deals while the getting in is good and the deals are worth getting.

Wii U Bundle Features The Brothers Mario Nintendo unleashes the hard hitters for this fall with a new Wii U bundle.

Why There Are No Batman Arkham Origins Reviews It gets a little hazy as reviewers don’t have up reviews but gamers definitely want the game.

Titanfall Downgraded to 720p For Xbox One More rotten news for the Xbox camp.

Why 7 Days to Die Was Removed From Steam And it didn’t take them 7 days to remove the game either.

Creative Assembly Offers Free Total War Rome 2 DLC As Peace Offering They want you back. Are you willing to accept their apology consisting of free DLC? Come on, you know you want it, you know you can’t resist it… you can’t even hold out when you’re required to pay for it. Come on, take it… no one else will know. I won’t tell anybody… I promise.

RuneScape Old School Hits 1 Million Players, Opens God of Wars Dungeon The old-school rendition of Runescape manages to rack up more than a million players.


Path of Exile Launches The free-to-play alternative to Blizzard’s Diablo III with its skill forest has officially launched as a free-to-play beta game.

PBS App Arrives on Xbox 360 Microsoft starts early, allowing Xbox 360 owners to start watching TV on their TV early.

DayZ Standalone Early Access Set on Steam Bohemia Interactive has updated DayZ in the Steam database for early access.

Xbox One Version of Call of Duty Ghosts Has Fantastic Graphics Says Infinity Ward Oh really? Well, can we see and judge for ourselves?

APB Reloaded Launches Halloween Event Reloaded Productions gets into the spooky mood with the open-world action title.

Lilly Looking Through Interview: Piracy, Crowd-Funding and Adventure Games

Call of Duty Ghosts Official System Requirements It’s for 64-bit systems only… so you’ll need to upgrade.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Hits PS Vita, PS3 Early 2014 Sony continues to vie for a strong crowd outside of the traditional AAA arena with unique titles like Ragnarok.

Wolf Among Us Review: It’s Like Walking Dead Except You Haven’t Played It Well that’s good news… right? Click the link to find out.

Minecraft 1.7 Arrives In all its blocky glory.


Meet Assassin’s Creed IV’s Captain Vane We get an exclusive interview with the man behind the pirate cap.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Leaps Onto PSN This January The game will finally be available to average PSN users early next year.

Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn Pros & Cons What works and what doesn’t in the game? Find out how it all rolls out in this impressions piece.

Wii U Skylanders SWAP Force Bundle Launches In November The Wii U is dropping all sorts of bundles this fall including one for the kiddies.

Xbox One or PS4: Which One Will Have More Native 1080p 60fps? With the debate raging large and looming big over the next-gen consoles, which one will have the long-haul of 1080p and 60fps titles?

Call of Duty Ghosts Confirmed Native 1080p For PS4; XB1 Resolution On Need To Know Basis Burn… that’s all I have to say.

Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed 4, Ace Attorney 5 Hit Nintendo This Week Some of the biggest games this fall have become available.

Enslaved Odyssey To The West Premium Edition Launches On Steam Namco Bandai has re-released one of the most underrated and under-played gems of the seventh gen of gaming.


PlayStation 4 Has Day One Patch, Includes Loads Of Features A 300 megabyte patch is inbound for anyone who boots up their PS4 on day one. Find out what the firmware update includes.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Detailed By Blizzard Find out what the new content for Diablo III is all about.

BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea DLC Launching in November

Batman Arkham Origins Review Round-Up: True Sequel or Glorified Expansion Pack? Find out how the reviews rolled out for the latest Batman game from Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Xbox 360′s Best XBLA Games of All Time Check out the list of awesome games that graced XBLA since its inception, courtesy of XBLA Fans

Xbox One Headset Adapter Delayed Until 2014 If you thought that the Xbox One was in the clear… think again.

Far Cry 4 Teaser Image Surfaces Ubisoft wasn’t playing around when they mentioned that they were working on a new Far Cry.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. You can check out the TV ad for Battlefield 4 with the video below. Enjoy.


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