Weekly Recap Nov 2nd: Xbox 720p, EA Leaves Tiger Woods, PS4 FAQ Released

This was a pretty gritty week in news for Microsoft and the Xbox One. The team found themselves backed against a wall as gamers and media pressured Microsoft to come clean about the Xbox One’s resolution capabilities for some higher-end games. The truth hurt a […]
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This was a pretty gritty week in news for Microsoft and the Xbox One. The team found themselves backed against a wall as gamers and media pressured Microsoft to come clean about the Xbox One’s resolution capabilities for some higher-end games. The truth hurt a lot more than the silence, that’s for sure. It wasn’t all lava fields and fiery brimstone in just Microsoft’s camp… EA also ran into some trouble with Tiger Woods and the adulterous pair ended up parting ways. Sony also let loose the official FAQ for the PS4 to get all your questions answered in a nicely, timely manner. These stories and more in this November 2nd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Sony Shows Pics of Games Running on Real PS4s, Not Nividia GTX Windows 7 PCs Well, Microsoft started it and Sony ended it. Bam!

Dark Souls 2 PS3 Beta Delayed Namco Bandai has delayed the beta for their highly anticipated game, Dark Souls 2 on the PS3. Find out why.

Battlefield 4 Graphics Upgraded From 720p to 900p For PS4 DICE has gone and done it, upgrading the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 for the PS4.

Nintendo Explains 2DS Features In A Parent-Friendly Trailer The video lays it out plain and clear for anyone having trouble understanding what Nintendo is trying to do with the new 2DS.

PS4 Outselling Xbox One in Pre-Orders Two-to-One The Xbox Done is done as far as pre-orders go in comparison to the PS4.

Microsoft’s Embargo Prohibits Journalists From Revealing Call of Duty Ghosts runs at 720p On Xbox One One of the most visually unimpressive games coming to next-gen consoles struggles to maintain 720p and Microsoft doesn’t want the press talking about it.

Ryse Confirmed at 30fps 900p Xbox One This is the final resolution and frame rate folks, take it or leave it.

Pandora Saga: Age of Discord Open Beta Launches The latest MMORPG heads into open beta for the masses.

7 Days To Die Returns To Steam After a hiccup in the legal department, the game is finally back on track. Good riddance.


Vanguard Princess Brings Japanese 2-on-2 Fighting To Steam Greenlight A gorgeous looking, fast-paced tag-team fighter needs your votes!

Wolf Among Us Prowls Onto Vita This Fall The Vita will receive one of the more highly anticipated titles this fall.

Zombie Panic Successor Contagion Now On Steam It started off as a Half-Life mod and has evolved into its own full fledged thing. Great on them. You can grab a digital copy right now from Steam.

Xbox One Game Install Sizes Revealed: Digital Future Is Not Possible Right Now Unless you can pull some fiber optics out of your butthole, it doesn’t look good with the current sizes of next-gen titles.

Slender The Arrival, Blood of the Werewolf Make You Scream On Steam Two highly anticipated indie games make their way on to Steam.

Earth Defense Force 2025 Crawls Onto PS3 Next February The third-person shooter will arrive on Sony’s console

Xbox One Dashboard Can’t Be Shown Due To Licensing Issues, Says Albert Penello Well, I guess that resolves the matter of “put up or shut up”.

Xbox One OS Issues Are Widespread? Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Chimes In Things continue to spiral out of control in the Microsoft camp. I imagine they might do a media lockdown again like they did during E3.

Origin Adds Dual GTX 780s To EON17-SLX Laptops If you want a laptop powerful enough to run Xbox One games, the EON17-SLX has you covered.

Assassin’s Creed 4, Battlefield 4 Highlight The Week On PSN Two of the biggest games this fall mark the highlight for the PlayStation Network this week.


Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode Pits You Against Aliens In addition to letting you know what the new mode is like you can check out an amazing new trailer, too.

Video Surfaces Of Xbox One Getting Stuck Trying To Boot Up Oh, it’s not looking good in the Xbone camp… not good at all.

Crazy Rumors Cause Gamers To Freak Over Xbox One, PS4 Launch Things get really ratcheted up in a bad way due to some unscrupulous rumors running rampant in the industry.

Pokemon Detective Game In Development For Some Reason Nintendo is really stepping out of the box with Pokemon on this one.

Battlefield 4 Walkthrough A video walkthrough of DICE’s new first-person shooter.

Titanfall Is Not Coming To PS4 At All EA and Respawn confirm that the game is only arriving for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the home console space. Sorry future PS4 owners.

Uncharted 3 Gets Final Massive Patch Naughty Dog also throws out plenty of free DLC, too.

Nvidia Drops GTX 770 Price To Compete With Xbox One, PS4 Grab one of the most powerful graphics cards for a little under the price of a PS4.

Command & Conquer Reboot Canceled EA pulls the plug on the studio and the IP… for good, perhaps?

The Girl and The Robot Heads To Kickstarter Flying Carpet Games takes the long walk to Kickstarter to kick up funds for their new IP.


GTA 5 iFruit App Now on Android Tired of using Apple products to feed your virtual dog for GTA V? Well, now you can use an Android to feed your virtual dog for GTA V.

Confirmed: Battlefield 4 Is 720p For Xbox One, 900p For PS4 Well, that definitely puts a lot of the rumors in their place, eh?

WWE 2K14 Launches With WrestleMania 30 Contest The latest WWE game arrives with a special contest to win free WrestleMania XXX tickets.

EA and Tiger Woods Part Ways The relationship between the two evil entities has finally come to an end.

Xbox One Confirmed Weaker Than PS4, Are You Still Going To Buy It? Well, are you?

PlayStation 4 Gets Massive Launch FAQ Upsetting Revelations Well, it has begun.

Gas Guzzlers: Extreme Gameplay Impressions Find out how the gameplay mechanics roll out for the combat racer from Gamepires.

Confirmed: Call of Duty Ghosts 720p On Xbox One, 1080p on PS4 The Xbox One version of the one of the weakest games out there can barely run 720p on the Xbox One.

EA Expects PS4, Xbox One to Ship 10 Million Units By March 2014 There’s a massive amount of interest in next-gen gaming and EA has big expectations from both Microsoft and Sony.

Steam Has 65 Million Active Users, Gew 30% In Past 12 Months Valve has been growing their user base while Microsoft has been shrinking theirs.

Dead Island Developer Hellraid Delayed to 2014 Well, you’ll be playing other games while you wait for Hellraid.


Dead Rising 3 Season Pass Announced Capcom also went ahead and did the gaming community a service by releasing a Halloween trailer, too.

Orion Dino Horde Halloween Update Includes new Content New minons, new maps and new modes. It’s well worth checking out for the low price it’s available for.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Perks Revealed Check out what the perks are and see what the benefits are of playing the FPS.

Wii U Sells 460,000 Over The Course Of Six Months Things are really looking up for Nintendo.

The Witcher 3 Is DRM-Free CD Projekt RED has made it known that the upcoming adult-themed RPG will be DRM-free. Woot, woot.

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Release Date Announced After being shrouded in mystery these past months, Team Ninja’s hack and slash grindhouse ninja title gets an official release date.

South Park Game Delayed Again Obsidian’s South Park game has been delayed… yet again.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaked to Torrents For Xbox 360, PS3 The war of the pirates continues… with console gamers taking the lead.

Phil Spencer Defends Ryse’s 900p on Xbox One; No Demo or PC Version Inbound Even though a lot of Xbox One games were running on PCs at E3, Ryse won’t be one of them getting native PC treatment.


PlayStation Plus Offers Seven Games In November
Total War Rome 2 DLC Charges You For Blood & Gore It’s an add-on of blood and gore but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Peripherals Available Now You can pick up the PS4 peripherals right now, along with Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Mobile Gaming Will Overtake AAA Business Says Developer In due time… according to a developer.

Batman Arkham Origins, GTA 5 Score Poorly For Disabled Gamers The DAGER System rates the two biggest games of the fall and they don’t score so well.

Nintendo Weekly Releases Include Wii Fit U Demo, Lego Marvel Super Heroes Nintendo begins to amp up their offerings heading into the holiday season.

Gaming Media Defend Xbox One’s Higher Price, Lower Resolution Why? I don’t know… maybe the Doritos and Mountain Dew ad money was just too tempting to pass up?


Ryse DLC Includes Multiplayer Maps Microsoft and Crytek have some nice bits of DLC rolled out for it.

Ubisoft Does Right By Gamers: Online Passes Are Gone Following behind Sony and EA, Ubisoft decides to join the pro-consumer bandwagon.

Sonic Lost World Review: You’ve played Worse Sonic Games Ryan Winslett gives his criticisms and his praise for Sega’s latest offering.

PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 Hands-on Impressions Video and Sexy Pictures Some people already have hands-on time with Sony’s new system peripherals and you can check out footage and photos.

Blood Knights Releasing November 1st A release date has been pinned down for the hack-and-slash title for XBLA.

Warner Bros Releases Statement Regarding Batman: Arkham Origins Patch The bug that broke the game that came with the latest patch will be patched. Don’t worry… it’s in good news… we think.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. You can check out an awesome video below of Battlefield 4 in action on the Xbox One from the live-stream that occurred just this past weekend. Enjoy.


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