Weekly Recap Nov 9th: Resolutiongate, Doritocracy, Microsoft And The Xbox One

This week, Dewmicide occurred in the gaming industry. The Doritocracy was called out. Resolutiongate was exposed as a sham that put names to the shame of big pundits in the gaming industry. Everything sort of changed… but not really. Anyway, all the political tirades that […]
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This week, Dewmicide occurred in the gaming industry. The Doritocracy was called out. Resolutiongate was exposed as a sham that put names to the shame of big pundits in the gaming industry. Everything sort of changed… but not really. Anyway, all the political tirades that shifted, changed and moved the way we felt about the gaming industry has been brought to a head and caused gamers to revolt like never before. Find out how it all went down in this week’s edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Call of Duty Ghosts Campaign Is Only 4 Hours Long Activision’s latest game is only four hours long… still going to pick up a copy?

Warhammer Online Now Free-to-Play As Shutdown Approaches THQ is gone, Relic’s efforts are practically lost… the end is nigh.

Destiny’s PC Version Would Spread Us Too Thin, Says Bungie Well, there you go Master Race… your Destiny is gone.

Steam Holiday Sales Start Dates Revealed Thanks To Confidential Document Well that’s probably the last time Valve sends one of these letters out to a nobody indie dev.

Steam Offline Mode Was Designed To Work Indefinitely, Says Valve That bug that makes you login every two weeks? Yeah, it’s not supposed to do that.

Killer Instinct Adds Orchid, Spinal To The Roster Two of the classic characters from the old Killer Instinct will make a return for the new game on the Xbox One.

Xbox One Resolution Woes Brushed Off by Albert Penello Amidst Startling Rumors Microsoft’s director of product planning speaks out about all the resolution woes plaguing the Xbox One over the past two weeks.


Rainbow Moon Questing On Vita In December A new RPG for the PS Vita will make its debut this December.

PS4 Overheating Rumor False, Devs Speak Out All that FUD being spread to smear the PS4′s good name? Well, it’s just that… FUD.

Call of Duty Ghosts Walkthrough A video walkthrough of the game for those of you who might get stuck.

Warlords Draenor Could Be World of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Blizzard files a trademark, so that means something… something big.

Call of Duty Ghosts 6GB RAM Requirement is Fake, Modders Offer Patch This thing just went nuclear.

Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One Patch For 1080p Not Likely, Says Infinity Ward Mark Rubin comes forward to address some of the concerns over resolution.

Wii Mini Coming To United States After releasing in other regions, Nintendo decides to offer the cheap alternative to Americans on a budget.

Puzzle & Dragons Receive Special Angry Birds Content Puzzles & Dragons finally gets Angry Birds content… just what everyone asked for!

Whore of the Orient Aiming For 2015 Release Better late than never.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Combat Impressions: Blowing Up Cars Is Orgasmic I didn’t think I would have this much fun dual-wielding two shotguns on a Prius wannabe.


Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes Launching This Spring The next step in the long running Metal Gear series has its sights set on a spring release.

Call of Duty Ghosts Hacked For Xbox 360, PS3; Modders Plan To Sell Hacks Well boy, isn’t that a comforting thought?

Call of Duty Ghosts Leads The Charge on PlayStation Network For this week, it’s all about the Ghosts on PSN.

D-Link Releases Firmware Patch To Fix DGL-5500 Gaming Router D-Link finally fixed the gaming router that was supposed to be the end all, be all of gaming routers.

GTA 5 Online Patch 1.05 Hits Xbox 360, PS3 Rockstar released a new patch to fix GTA 5′s online mode… again.

Path of Exile First Impressions It’s a good game… it’s worth playing. That’s the first impression.

Humble WB Game Bundle Offers Up Batman, Scribblenauts Grab a whole bunch of really cool WB games for cheap.

Xbox One Suffers Frame Stutter in Call of Duty: Ghosts It’s not just the PlayStation suffering from this issue.

Call of Duty Hating: Comprehensive Guide Read it at your own risk; prepare for butthurt.

Gamers Attack Adam Sessler Over Controversial PS4, Xbox One Comments Same warning as above. Fanboy bait beyond this point.


PS4 Version of Call of Duty Ghosts Suffers Frame Rate Issues It appears COD: Ghosts is just poorly optimized all the way around.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Hits PS Plus Capcom’s well done action RPG lands on PlayStation Plus.

Video Game Journalism Can’t Exist In The Gaming Industry, Says Jim Sterling The Jimquisition makes it known that the industry is just too money-fueled and secrecy laden to do right by gamers.

Ryse Could Have Been 1080p, But It Would Have Looked Different Says Phil Spencer It could have also run at 15fps if it were 1080p… but resolution and frame rates aren’t important… right?

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Heading To Vita In The US One of the most popular games not talked about regularly is coming to the PS Vita.

Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs None of the Above So which console are you going with? Or are you going no console at all?

Xbox One Cloud Updates Can Cause Host OS Reboots Mid-Game It’s not a good sign for “teh power of da cloud”.

Zelda, Metroid and An Armadillo Join Club Nintendo Some brand new digital titles headline Nintendo’s offerings for November.

Wii U Sales Explode In Japan Following Wii Party U Release Nintendo proves that they’re officially back in the game.

Call of Duty Ghosts Sales Hit $1 Billion, But Did It Outsell GTA V? Get a breakdown of the numbers to make the comparison.


Project CARS Coming to Xbox One, PS4, SteamOS Slightly Mad Studios’ AAA sized racer on an indie budget will arrive for the new gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Broken Sword Serpent Curse Bites Down In Early December Another entry in the long running adventure series is on the way.

DotA 2 Legacy Courier Sells For $38,000 Who says playing video games doesn’t play?

Total War Rome 2 Coming To SteamOS Creative Assembly pledges allegiance to Valve. All hail SteamOS.

NDAs Prevent Devs From Saying PS4 Is Stronger Than Xbox One This is one of those things that really makes gamers angry and incensed at the current state of the gaming media and the industry at large.

TrackMania Celebrates 10 Years With Special Events Find out what’s up with Ubisoft’s premier racing title.

BlizzCon 2013 Five Things We Expect The upcoming convention could offer some huge surprises. Find out more in this top five piece.

Ys Memories Celceta Release Date Announced XSeed Games has rolled out an official release date for the RPG on Sony’s latest handheld.

GTA 5 Free Online Cash Being Sent Out Now Rockstar keeps their word and sends out $500,000 in in-game money to disgruntled gamers.

Ryse Xbox One Basic Predictable, Tedious States GameInformer Honesty at its finest.


PS4 Launch Apps Include Netflix, Hulu Plus The PS4 will launch with a bevy of media center apps to help round out the home entertainment experience.

Xbox One Suffers Frame Stutter in Dead Rising 3 A few early hints at the game chugging along have been reported.

Dead Rising 3 Runs at 30fps and 720p on Xbox One The resolution has been finalized for Capcom’s open-world zombie thriller.

Microsoft Had A Year To Talk About The Xbox One’s DRM, So Why Didn’t They? So yeah… why didn’t they?

World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Includes Player Housing, Instant Level 90 Upgrade Draenor turns out to be real and it brings some brand new features to the MMO.

Interference Brings Neon-Noir Cyberpunk To Steam Greenlight A neat side-scroller set in a cyberpunk universe arrives on Steam’s Greenlight.

Heroes of Storm Universes Collide In First Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots Blizzard’s new WoW MOBA gets a new trailer and some new screenshots.


Potential Microsoft CEO Could Sell Off Xbox Brand If Stephen Elop gets in control of Microsoft, it doesn’t look happy for the Xbox brand.

Sony Offers Three Goodies With PlayStation 4 Purchases Sony isn’t just releasing the new console but they’re throwing in tons of goodies to sweeten the deal as well.

Xbox One Can’t Play Games Or Do Anything Without Mandatory Patch That DRM reversals really played out in a bad way for the launch of the system, eh?

Wii Sports Club And Little Else Hit Nintendo Consoles This Week

Total War Rome II Coming To SteamOS Creative Assembly’s support of this new OS is great news for gamers.

How To Master The Combat In Ryse Son of Rome A brief walkthrough of mastering the combat in Ryse… although I tend to think that may not be too hard.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. You can check out a new trailer for Diablo III on the PlayStation 4. Enjoy.


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