Weekly Recap Nov 23rd: Xbox One Launches, PS4 Troubleshooting, Game Of Thrones Game

This week didn’t pull any punches and a ton of the highly anticipated games that fanboys have been salivating over have finally launched, along with Microsoft’s equally anticipated (by some) next-generation home entertainment system, the Xbox One. Things got off to a rocky start, however, […]
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This week didn’t pull any punches and a ton of the highly anticipated games that fanboys have been salivating over have finally launched, along with Microsoft’s equally anticipated (by some) next-generation home entertainment system, the Xbox One. Things got off to a rocky start, however, as the review scores for all but two of the Xbox One’s titles have scored pretty low with reviewers. Meanwhile Sony has offered troubleshooting guides for the PS4 and Telltale could be working on a Game of Thrones adventure title. These stories and more in this November 23rd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre.


Sony Offers Troubleshooting Guide For PS4′s Blinking Blue Lights Well that’s a relief… except, the troubleshooting guide doesn’t actually know what the problem is. Fail.

PS4 Red Light, Overheating Due To Thermal Paste Lead Sabotage? Things begin taking a turn as more information leaks regarding some of the issues of the PS4 and its launch weekend madness.

Need For Speed Rivals Walkthrough Guide Need help in EA’s latest racing title? Check out the walkthrough guide.

Thief Drops Quick Time Events, Restores My Faith In Mankind Good news for everyone looking forward to the upcoming Eidos title: It won’t be like Resident Evil 6.

World of Warcraft Could Get Annual Expansion Packs This might help stave off the bleeding of subscriptions.

PS4 Sales Top One Million Launch Day Sony hits a million units sold in just a day. That’s amazing.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Career Mode Impressions How well does the career mode match up?

Deadfall Adventures Adventuring on PC, Xbox 360 The first-person shooter launches for PC and Xbox 360 owners.

Spike VGAs 2014 Called VGX The show will also showcase more than just trailers. Upgrading to elegance? I think so.

Half of Amazon’s Users Report PS4 Units Are DOA; Gamefaqs Makes Thread For Working PS4s It’s all turned kind of sour in just a single day.


Candy Crush Saga Celebrates First Birthday And not only that, but the game has more than half-a-billion downloads. That’s insane!

PS4 Units Allegedly Sabotaged At Foxconn Plants Due To Employee Mistreatment This is pretty big news if it’s true.

Dex: Side-Scrolling Cyberpunk RPG Lands on Kickstarter

PS4 Launch Titles Murdered By Wii U Launch Titles Metacritic Stat for stat, the Wii U seems to have come out on top when matching up the launch titles.

Killzone Shadow Fall Walkthrough Guide A walkthrough guide of Shadow Fall surfaces for the PlayStation 4.

PS4 Units Weren’t Intentionally Damaged, Claims Former Foxconn Intern Another Foxconn employee steps up to the plate to explain away the situation.

Blacklight Retribution Has Become My Most Played PS4 Launch Title Gaming Blend’s Ryan Winslett explains which game he most adores during the launch period of the PS4.

Ryse Reviews Embargoed A Day Before Xbox One Launches Why? Well, who knows, but it’s Microsoft.

Final Fantasy X, X-2 HD Remaster Coming March 2014 The classic RPGs from Square before they completely took a dive will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PS3 next year.

Dead Rising 3 Wins Over Some Reviewers, Loses To Frame Rate Issues Even with subpar review scores, the open world, undead apocalyptic action title still can’t defeat the frame rate issues.

Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts Dumped By Hackers The next step is to upload the ISO to torrents.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Coming To PS4, Xbox One The reboot will get the next-gen treatment on Sony and Microsoft’s latest consoles.


Major League Gaming Launches MLG.Tv Competing with Twitch and Ustream, MLG lets users watch unlimited eSports television.

Crusader Kings 2 Sons of Abraham Brings Back Religion For Today How well this will go over with the gaming audience? Who knows, but it’s cool nonethless.

Need For Speed Rivals Gimped On PC; 60fps Completely Breaks The Game It’s one of the more silly moments of a PC port.

How to Get PS4: Gaming Blend Infographic Follow this guide and you might end up with a PS4 if you can’t find one at your local retailer.

Got A Bricked PS4? Sony Offers Expedited Shipping No worries, Sony has your back.

Call of Duty Ghosts Patched For PC, Removes 6GB RAM Restriction Infinity Ward finally does right by PC gamers. Nice, nice.

Twitch Broadcasting Delayed For Xbox One Ah, it looks like PS4 still has a leg up on the Xbone.

League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Watched By 32 Million That is an amazing number… major TV networks must be baffled, confused and dumbfounded. Don’t worry about them, they’re always like that.

Shadowrun Dragonfall Expansion Arrives in January Massive new content is set to arrive for Shadowrun. The Kickstarter success continues.

GTA 5 Beach Bum DLC Now Available New DLC for GTA V… if you’re still playing it, that is.


PS4 Failure Rate Nears 1% As More Foxconn Allegations Surface More bad news for Foxconn; more bad news for Sony.

Website Breaks Review Embargo For Ryse: Son of Rome, Praises The Game Despite breaking the review embargo, 3News had some good things to say about Rome.

Xbox One Reviews Praise TV Media Features, Scorns Shoddy Voice Commands The reviews for the Xbox One are in, and they’re shockingly positive.

Spelunky Gets Daily Challenges For PS3 and PS Vita

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Keys Being Sent Out Now

Call of Duty Ghosts PS4 Frame Stutter Due To Engine Being Outdated That’s right, the engine is old, haggily and crusty and can’t keep up with the sleek, beastly new system from Sony.

Forza Motorsport 5 Review Round-Up, Best Xbox One Launch Title? Read the reviews and see what they have to say.

PS4 Costs $381 To Make Well that sure beats the $800 price tag of the PS3.

Blood Knights Hacking & Slashing On PlayStation Network The hack-and-slash title, appropriately called Blood Knights, has found its way onto PSN.


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Beta Test Begins A beta test for the next expansion of the popular loot-and-grind RPG has gotten underway.

GTA City of Paradise Real or a Hoax? What do you think?

Xbox One Hard Drive Leaves 391GB Free For Games Well, so much for infinite power of the hard drive… that thing will be zapped quick… real quick.

Ryse, Forza 5 Microtransaction Cheats Make Gamers Silently Rage No big blowout of rage, just a silent gathering of rage.

Xbox One Suffers Update, Disc Drive Issues Ahead of Launch Well this is getting embarrassing.

Walking Dead Studio Making Game of Thrones Game? It’s possible and it would be more than fitting.

Review: Injustice Gods Among Us The Ultimate Edition Is An Ugly Vita Knockout The game looks miserable but plays well on Sony’s handheld.

Don’t Have Internet For Xbox One Day One Patch? Take It To Your Friend’s House, Says Microsoft This advice… Microsoft should get into the fortune telling business. They could make a killing.

Neverwinter Gets Shadowmantle Expansion In Early December Cryptic Stuios has plans to keep to keep the game going and will unleash some massive content this December.


Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Dated For Xbox One EA rolls out a release date for one of the most anticipated games due out next year.

Beatbuddy Soundtrack Now Available on Bandcamp And It’s Groovy One of the real highlights of Beatbuddy is the soundtrack and the soundtrack is now available for download.

Ryse Gets Trashed By Reviewers, Conspiracy Theorists Proven Right Well, that didn’t take long.

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Gets Some Elementally Infused Screenshots Check out the new screenshots for Yaiba due out for the PS3 and 360 next year.

Forza 5 Xbox One Graphics Downgraded From E3 Build And here is the spinoff to Resolutiongate called The Rendering: Pixel Prophecies.

Xbox One Sells A Million Units In One Day Congratulations Microsoft… for doing in 13 countries what Sony was able to do in one.

Xbox One Launch Titles Destroyed By Wii U Launch Ttitles On Metacritic A year later, and Microsoft still couldn’t get the job done.

Xbox One System Update Troubleshooting Guide Need help getting your Xbox One doing more than living out life on your coffee table as a brick? Check out the guide.

Tiny Brains Arrives For PS4 As PS Plus Title It’s only two weeks away.

Ryse: Son of Rome Walkthrough Guide Everything you could possibly need to know about a game that clocks in at only five hours.


Xbox One Launch Lineup Includes 22 Games A full rundown of all the launch titles available right now for the Xbox One.

World of Warcraft Turns 9 Years Old It’s just a year off from a decade-old celebration. That will be a real treta.

Gran Turismo 7 Hitting PS4 In 2014? Check out the details and decide for yourself.

Xbox One Hard Drive Management Arrives With External Hard Drive Support Don’t worry, Microsoft will relinquish control back over to customers as soon as the patch goes live.

League of Legends Yasuo Unforgiven Announced A new hero joins the ranks of the most popular MOBA around.

In-Depth Review: Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers How well does the RPG hold up and is it worth the plunge? Find out in the review.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap here at Electronic Theatre. You can check out the new combo trailer for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Enjoy.


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