Journal of a Travelling Warrior – Part 6: Reborn To Beauty & Darkness

I am ashamed of myself. Never before have I allowed my path to waver, to meander from the course that I have set. Upon leaving The Old Republic, I had my sights set firmly on the realm of Dark Souls, a world where the mettle […]
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I am ashamed of myself. Never before have I allowed my path to waver, to meander from the course that I have set. Upon leaving The Old Republic, I had my sights set firmly on the realm of Dark Souls, a world where the mettle of great warriors are tested. I was prepared for death.

I wasn’t prepared for the journey.

Somehow, to my bewilderment, I found myself drifting from world to world. Floating among lesser known realms, I dipped in and out in an unnecessary attempt to find the perfect world. I was not compelled to continue my predetermined journey, and although I yearned for the challenge that lay ahead, my legs wouldn’t allow me to resume course.

But then, just as I contemplated giving up on my travels altogether, salvation came from a surprising source.

I had heard of the realm of Eorzea years ago. Having enjoyed time in Midgar and Spira in my youth, I was tempted to visit this new world back then. I’m glad that I didn’t, for not long after it came to life the makers of this realm decided to start all over again.

This time, in this Realm Reborn, my interest was piqued. Maybe I have grown tired of travelling, or maybe I have travelled for so long that I unconsciously yearned for familiarity – it matters not. For now, my heart is set firmly on Eorzea and to that world I enter.

If only things were that simple!

As a new realm, with history and reputation, it was certain to attract fellow warriors. Travellers such as I,  who brave new worlds and seek a realm that will absorb me in its beauty and grace. I admit, I was awed by both beauty and grace this world bestowed upon me on entering. Lush environments and refreshing familiarity greeted me with a welcomed embrace. The creators have kept things simple, allowing new and seasoned travellers alike to intuitively understand the world.

Gazing upon the beauty of the environments is a nice distraction, and as I gather my senses I head out to test out my new body in combat.

The one major difference this realm has over others I have visited is the job system. It allows me to change classes at will by simply changing my weapon. No longer am I limited to one role, and at a press of a button I can go from warrior to mage. Not that I will do this of course, those glorified magicians are far too squishy for my liking. No, give me a sword and let me get up close and personal with the fiends any day! I do like the choice though, not being restricted to a particular role gives me a sense of freedom I’ve not experienced anywhere else. I try out the other melee classes, but steer clear of the cowardly ranged roles. I try out the lancer first, I’ve always been partial to a good spear, and head out into the wilderness and show them what a pointy end really feels like!

I spend the day killing wildlife for more pitiful locals, glad to see nothing has changed here. Feeling fatigued at the end of a good killing spree, I retire to the city and try my hand at crafting.

Like the combat classes, crafting works in the same way, allowing you to switch roles depending on the tool you are holding. I like it. As a Lancer, I try my hand at carpentry to create my own lance, but am given a shock upon equipping the required saw.

To my surprise, I am suddenly standing in the middle of town in my small-clothes! A battle-hardened warrior, I am not shy to show my body, but the sudden loss of armour makes me feel slightly vulnerable. I quickly cover myself with an appropriate dead animal, and for a brief moment I allow my intimidating scowl to be replaced by amused smile. I wonder if I am growing soft, to find amusement in such a situation – maybe I am mellowing out?

After a few practices at carpentry, I feel the bloodlust growing within me. It pleases me that the fire is still there, it would be a great loss for a warrior of my ferocity to be lost in these mundane tasks. Re-equipping my armour and lance, I head back out in search of unlucky prey…only to be met with darkness.

For all the beauty and majesty the creators have given us in Eorzea, there remains an unforgivable cloud over the entire realm. Population control is always a problem with new worlds. It happens to them all, without exception, and I have grown used to this fact. What is unforgivable is how unprepared the creators are for the opening of this realm.

Given its reputation, the powers-that-be must have anticipated drawing in travellers from all across the universe. What is the point of asking warriors to visit if they cannot let them in upon arrival?! The realm has been open for a short while, but I have only been able to adventure within Eorzea for less than a day in total. It makes my blood boil that, having passed through the gates to enter the realm, I am denied the chance to discover this glorious world due to the creators’ inadequacies.

I find myself lost again as I wait to gain entry, how dare they make me wait!

My fellow travellers are growing impatient, shouting for the problems to be fixed. I, on the other hand, am channelling my frustrations. I pity the wildlife when I eventually gain access, they will feel the full brunt of my rage. Until then, I am left to applaud the world they have created…for all I have seen so far.

I excitedly wait to see more of the Eorzea.

My name is Kallam. I am a warrior. I am growing impatient!


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