Discovering the Excitement Surrounding Kid Icarus: Uprising

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Electronic Theatre ImageKid Icarus: Uprising is an exciting, fast paced action game for the Nintendo 3DS, which allows you to battle in three different ways. The Icarus franchise is considered to be incredibly old and has had no new instalments in over 20 years. However, this latest game is fantastic and brings back the original characters and charm of the game.

The lead character is the angelic Pit, which many players will recognize from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The concept of the game is that the Underworld army has become active after 25 years, and the hero needs to save the day. Whether you choose to play solo or as a multiplayer, there are many exciting options.

The Kid Icurus: Uprising infographic has allowed keen Nintendo fans to sneak a preview at what is in store for the game. The significant milestone in Nintendo life has ensured that this game is fresh and provides gamers with what they want. Once again Nintendo have proved that they are the leader in hand-held technology.

There is a huge array of different weapons available in Kid Icarus: Uprising, and you will never tire of the different options available. Every weapon has a different purpose, alongside the speed, guidance, range and attributes. This incredible hybrid shooter allows you to become Pit with ease, and you will become immersed in the graphics and game play.

The concepts are concise, and every level can be completed in a short time, enabling you to move through the game with ease. With a huge amount of different creatures, and unique oddball Electronic Theatre Imagecharacters, you will have plenty of fun blasting them from your screen. Many of the players will have the ultimate goal to destroy as many creatures as possible in a short amount of time, making this another of Nintendo’s fast-paced Nintendo 3DS games.

The storyline behind Kid Icarus Uprising is light-hearted and will provide a fun element to the game with several unique personalities. The characters are likeable and will interact with you throughout the game. The heroes and villains will guide you, and banter and bicker between each other, leaving you tips and game information.

The chatter that is created throughout the game can be considered distracting for some players, and the random comments are amusing but unnecessary. You will soon discover that the airborne and ground game play is very different experiences. There are different controls and techniques for both, and the physical position of Pit can vary a huge amount.

The Kid Icurus: Uprising infographic display the different positions, however, you will need to play the game to understand how to control Pit. In the air, you will be able to control the aim and position of Pit, however, the forward momentum will be automatic. The designers have been able to create an amazing worlds and backgrounds, combined with incredible speed throughout the game.

You will find that once Pit lands on the ground, you will struggle to move him with the circle pad, and the stylus should be used wherever possible. You can reassign the different buttons, until you produce a technique that works well for you.


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