Sony or Microsoft Will Not Launch Next-Gen System, Claims Gaikai

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The online software delivery company Gaikai has claimed that one of the currently existing videogame console manufacturers will not release a next-generation system. Speaking at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this week, it was stated that the announcement of their change in direction will be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this summer.

Nintendo, Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) are all suggested to be working on next-generation systems, but only Nintendo has shown their hand thus far. If rumours are to be believed, Microsoft Studios are gearing up for a launch in the not too distant future, which only leaves SCE as a contender for the party in question with the following statement.

Speaking during CES, Nanea Reeves, chief product officer for Gaikai, stated: “Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3.”

Reported by Industry Gamers, the speculation made by the website is that SCE may well be working with Gaikai on a cloud based gaming platform. The suggestion may not be too far fetched, however with the poor performance of the PSP Go in recent years and SCE’s commitment to physical media with the PlayStation Vita console, Electronic Theatre would suggest that this rumour be taken with a pinch of salt at present.


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