Lords of Football Match Day Details Revealed

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Electronic Theatre ImageWhen they’re not out clubbing, spending money at casinos or stroking their own egos with national television and radio interviews, Footballers sometimes play football. With Lords of Football, you’ll be in the thick of it in the technical area, dictating the action.

Lords of Football will offer gamers a 3D match engine with all new Match Commands. Being a master of the ‘beautiful game’ isn’t just about training; it’sElectronic Theatre Image about commanding the dugout and giving your team the tools to win when going into battle on the pitch. Giving instructions such as tight man marking or even something as simple as hoofing the ball long can be the difference between three glorious points, or another day of humiliation on the back pages.

In Lords of Football, a football lifestyle simulation, you’re able to control all aspects of a player’s life; from what they get up to outside of the training ground, to the ins and outs of a weekly training schedule. When it comes to the packed stadium on Saturday, you’ll have 50,000 fans screaming “You don’t know what you’re doing!” and it’s your job to prove them wrong.

So what are you going to do? Get yourself off that bench and get your team back in the game by shouting commands form the sideline using Lords of Football’s match commands interface. This gives you the ability to pause the match as it plays out, assess the situation at hand and then issue your Electronic Theatre Imagedesired actions for the team to carry out. Select individual players and command them to make forward runs, tackle a player or shoot on sight. Team wide commands can also be issued such as counter-attack, to take advantage of your opponent’s compromised position.

Developed by Geniaware under the watchful guidance of Gianluca Vialli, Lords of Football is set for release on PC later this year. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Lords of Football as it approaches release.


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