NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition Now Stocked in Europe

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Electronic Theatre ImageFunStock, in partnership with BLAZE, has officially confirmed that the NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition entertainment system is now in stock. The console is now ready to ship over the Christmas period for the European, Australian, Russia, Africa and Middle Eastern territories.

The NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition will include a limited edition game card to accompany the twenty classic NeoGeo AES titles already pre-loaded on the NeoGeo X Handheld, at no additional cost. Originally released in arcades and on the NeoGeo console in 1996, Ninja Masters features Electronic Theatre Imagetwelve playable characters, and lightning-fast 2D fighting action that allows players to switch between hand-to-hand and weapon-based combat on the fly, offering huge combo counts and multiple styles of play. Choose the fighter that suits your skill level and play style and defeat all challengers in this ninja-themed fighter from ADK and SNK.

FunStock has also confirmed they will stay open over the Christmas period (including Christmas Day) to ensure that any pre orders and new orders are shipped as quickly as possible over the Christmas period. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition console and other retro gaming platforms.


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