WET 2 Officially Confirmed

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            As part of today’s announcement that the developers of last year’s WET, Artificial Mind & Movement (A2M), would be changing their name to Behaviour, the independent studio has revealed plans to continue the story of Rubi Malone. No formats were discussed, but it is likely that the sequel will follow the original release onto the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

When discussing the future of ‘triple-A’ productions from the studio in an interview with Develop Online, CEO Remi Racine stated; “I think the triple-A market has become very difficult for independents. I’m not saying we’re avoiding it – of course we’re making a triple-A game with WET 2. But it is a very difficult market. It’s very difficult to be successful with those kinds of games.”

            No further details have been offered at present, though the confirmation of a sequel will undoubtedly please fans of the underrated original title. Electronic Theatre delivered an in-depth review of WET around the time of its initial release, stating that; “Every facet of WET has been built to present the image of “cool”, and thankfully, there’s more than enough substance to support that claim.”

            Whether WET 2 can stand-up to such acclaim and prove other critics wrong remains to be seen, but of course Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.



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