OnLive Secures bitComposer Games Releases

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bitComposer Games is again expanding its digital sales and distribution channels: the action adventure videogame Cargo!: The Quest for Gravity will be the first title from the Eschborn company to appear on the OnLive Game Service. The OnLive Game Service has been available in North America since the middle of last year, and was recently launched in the UK.

“Games-on-demand is a logical step into the future. We’re thrilled to present Cargo!: The Quest for Gravity as our first tile on the OnLive platform, and will be expanding this business model in the future”, said Oliver Neupert,Electronic Theatre ImageManaging Director of bitComposer Games.

OnLive has proven to be a reliable videogame streaming service since it’s UK launch, with new titles set to be added to the service regularly. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on OnLive, and future releases from bitComposer Games.


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