Nexon License Unity Platform

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Electronic Theatre ImageUnity Technologies and Nexon Korea Corporation have reached an agreement that will clear the way for the Nexon to adopt the Unity game development platform on a massive scale across the publisher’s development studios. This broad agreement allows Nexon to license and deploy Unity across all of its global subsidiaries, and both access and modify the full complement of Unity products including source code.

David Helgason, Chief Executive Officer of Unity Technologies commented, “We couldn’t be more excited that Nexon is making Unity a core tool in their pipeline. Having a global game publishing powerhouse like Nexon Electronic Theatre Imageseek to expand their use of Unity across their developers is a great testament to how it can fulfill the needs of everyone from the tiniest indie to the world’s most demanding studios.”

Min Suh, Chief Executive Officer of Nexon Korea Corporation commented, “This partnership is an opportunity to enhance the developments of multi platform content that has been growing in importance in recent years. We look forward to building up the environment for the future growth of both Nexon and Unity through constant and active interaction.”

For Unity Technologies, the deal marks a step forward into wide adoption of the Unity development platform by large publishers for use across their many development teams.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest news from Unity Technologies and Nexon Korea Corporation.


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