The Adorables Now Available for iOS & Android Devices

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Thumbstar Games has today released The Adorables on both iOS & Android devices. Taking control of one of five lovable creatures, The Adorables give you the power to light up the night sky and restore the stunning Aurora Borealis to its former glory. Aim a beam of pure aurora energy that lifts either Mu, Ruffle, Syd, Ping or Sneaker into the skies to cover the atmosphere in colourful hues.

With sixty levels to complete, use the refined touch and tilt controls to avoid obstacles, collect rainbow colours and unlock achievements, while competing upon one of the six global leader boards. The Adorables will have players bouncing off the walls for hours, with increasingly intricate twisting levels, cleverly placed pegs to target, and all-important time saving clocks to grab to keep the Adorables on course to make the world a more beautiful place.

The Adorables has been specifically optimised for each platform. The iOS version of The Adorables uses ultra HD graphics, optimised for Apple’s retina display, as well as offering full Game Center integration. On Android, the game has been designed to support multiple resolutions across a whole range of devices. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about The Adorables.


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