Xbox Arrives on iOS: Earn Achievements on iPhone

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Electronic Theatre ImageMicrosoft Studios has today crossed the line that Windows Phone users never thought would be breached: gamers can now earn Xbox Achievements, access leaderboards and friends lists in-game on iOS devices. Wordament marks the debut of Xbox LIVE on iOS devices and is available to download now, for free.

Already available for Windows Phone handsets and recently launched as a free app on Windows 8, Wordament is a word game that blends elements of classic wordsearches and Scrabble. Electronic Theatre recently deliveredElectronic Theatre Image an in-depth review the Windows 8 version of Wordament, stating: “Wordament is a fantastic addition to the Xbox gaming component of the operating system (OS) for both casual and experienced videogame players.”

Available as a free download now, Wordament grants iOS gamers immediate access to Xbox Achievements, leaderboards and friends lists. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox branded titles launching on iOS devices.






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