Halo Waypoint Receives Update

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Microsoft Studios’ Halo Waypoint is a popular virtual accessory to the videogame series. Many such services have cropped up throughout the internet, delivering stats and information updates, but very few are specific to a single franchise, and even fewer are available in three custom designs for specific locations. Halo Waypoint is clearly leading the way, and with this latest update the integration into your Halo experience runs even deeper.

The Xbox 360 and PC versions of the service have received only incremental updates to allow for further compatibility with the features in the Windows Phone 7 Halo Waypoint app, which now brings you direct Electronic Theatre Imageaccess to official Halo news and announcements before anywhere else. Everything from Twitter updates to browsing and discussing Halo on the Waypoint community forums, you have it all right in the palm of your hand. The add-on feature, ATLAS lets you track your weapon, vehicle and health locations and you can track your movements in ‘follow me” mode.

Announced some months ago, this update is now available for all Halo Waypoint users worldwide. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Halo Waypoint service, and other Xbox LIVE enabled Windows Phone 7 apps.


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