Backyard Bounce Hits iOS

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Electronic Theatre ImageChillingo is kicking off their 2012 release schedule with three new titles arriving on iOS devices today, the first of which, Backyard Bounce, is available now. A quick-fire puzzle videogame, Backyard Bounce has been developed by Chaywow Games.

The objective of Backyard Bounce is to get the ball into the hoop using objects such as setsquares and bowling balls to knock, roll and bounce to the goal. Creative thinking, quick wit and fast fingers Electronic Theatre Imagewill help players achieve the highest score at the end of each level. Complex puzzles can be solved in several ways making Backyard Bounce a rapid puzzle videogame that will have players scratching their heads in wonderment.

Backyard Bounce is available for iOS devices now as a ‘universal’ release, priced at just £0.69 GBP. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest releases from Chillingo.


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