Hero Academy Receives Single-Player Update

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Electronic Theatre ImageRobot Entertainment has released a new update for their critically acclaimed asynchronous mobile tactics game, Hero Academy. The update brings the first offline single-player content to the videogame in the form of twenty eight free Challenge puzzles. Each heroic team – the Council, the Dwarves, the Dark Elves, and the Tribe – is represented in seven unique puzzles that will put your tactics to the test.

The update also includes eight new interactive tutorials and a redesigned system for unlocking taunts. In Hero Academy, taunts are silly animations that you can send to your opponent to celebrate your great turns. With theElectronic Theatre Image latest update, taunts will now be earned by playing and winning matches. Players will always earn one taunt for completing a match, but winning players will earn two taunts at the end of the match. Purchasing a new team will also grant players an additional ten taunts. Five new Game Center achievements are available as well.

The update is available right now, so head to the App Store to download the new Challenges today. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Hero Academy, both the iOS version and the forthcoming PC release.


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