Bug Princess 2 Black Label Now Available

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Electronic Theatre ImageCave Interactive has today released their latest iOS title, Bug Princess 2 Black Label. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Bug Princess 2 Black Label is a revamping of Bug Princess 2 which intends to make the videogame easier for beginners and harder for experts, both at the same time.

Following the footsteps of Bug Princess and Bug Princess 2, the latest instalment of the series challenges players to guide Reco and Palm through five stages of bullet hell action. The all new Boss Rush Mode lets you test your kills Electronic Theatre Imageas you go up against the videogame’s bosses one after another, with direct Twitter integration allowing you to easily tweet your results. The new Custom Edit feature lets you customise various aspects of the videogame, such as Shot Boost, which lets you start the game with strong weapon; Minimize, which makes the size of your ship smaller; and Special Eye which lets you advance to Spiritua Larsa who is normally only reached by completing Bug Princess 2 Black Label in extremely hard difficulty.

Bug Princess 2 Black Label is available for iOS devices now, priced at £9.99 GBP. A free ‘lite’ version of the videogame is also available, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Bug Princess videogame series.




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